Terms Of Service


    1. We are happy to welcome you as a User of School Parrot!
    2. School Parrot is an online service provided by us through the Website. School Parrot is a partly interactive tool for receiving and sharing information about Schools, and for comparing them.
    3. These Terms apply to you when you are using School Parrot. Therefore, we ask you to read them through carefully. By using School Parrot, you agree to be bound by these Terms, and confirm that you have the legal capacity to accept to be bound by these Terms or that you have your legal guardian’s permission to do so.

    1. Where the context does not clearly indicate otherwise, words and expressions in these Terms commencing with a capital letter, shall have the meanings set out below.

      A user account registered by a User on the Website;
      “Claimed School”
      A School, the Profile of which has been claimed by a Registered User who is an employee or otherwise connected to the relevant School;
      A School’s profile page in School Parrot;
      “Registered User”
      A User who is using School Parrot through his/her Account;
      Any pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, university, vocational university or similar;
      The information to be found in a Profile;
      ”School Parrot”
      The online service provided by us and which is the subject of these Terms;
      These terms of service which regulates your use of School Parrot;
      A natural person who uses School Parrot regardless of if the person is a Registered User or not;
      Information regarding a Claimed School, including, for example but not limited to, data, works, pictures, comments, contact details, descriptions and other materials;
      “we”, “us”, “our”
      School Parrot AB, Swedish company registration number 559146- 6767;
      www.schoolparrot.com and www.schoolparrot.se;
      “you”, “your”, “yours”
      The User

    1. School Parrot is an online service for students and their parents as well as for future students and any other person who is interested in getting more information about Schools. Information about Schools is provided in School Parrot through Profiles, which makes it possible for a User to compare Schools easily.
    2. In School Parrot, a Registered User may also (i) review one (1) School during every twenty-four (24) hour period by following the instructions in School Parrot, (ii) communicate with Claimed Schools (as defined below) and us, and (iii), if the Registered User is acting on behalf of a School, control such School’s Profile (in accordance with section 6). If a Profile is missing for a certain School, a Registered User may suggest a Profile to be created by following the instructions in School Parrot in this regard.
    3. You undertake to act in good faith when making a review of a School. This means for example that you will only make reviews which reflects your true opinion. You undertake to not share any content that aims to harm another individual. We have the right to delete any review that we deem as inappropriate.

    1. The Information is either information provided by a Registered User who has claimed a School’s Profile (in accordance with section 6), or information found in public registers and databases provided by public au- thorities. We always have the right to change, delete or update Information of Schools, including Claimed Schools. However, regarding Claimed Schools, we try not to do so without communicating with the relevant Registered User on beforehand.

    1. For a User to be able to use all of the functions in School Parrot, the User must create an Account. Your Account may only be used by you, and you therefore agree to keep the password to it secret. For a User to be able to create an Account, the User must be at least eighteen (18) years old, or sixteen (16) years old and have his/her legal guardian’s permission to do so. The User shall create the Account in accordance with the in- structions on the Website and thereby provide us with the information required. As an alternative, the User may choose to connect the Account to his/her Google or Facebook account. The User warrants that the in- formation provided in connection with the creation of an Account is true and accurate.
    2. By registering an Account, you confirm that you have red, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms. By accepting these Terms, you are granted a non-exclusive right to use School Parrot in accordance with these Terms (as amended from time to time) and our instructions.

    1. A Registered User who is employed by a School or otherwise is professionally connected to the School, and who has such School’s permission, may claim such School’s Profile by following the instructions provided in School Parrot. For the claim to be accepted, the Registered User must connect an e-mail address to his/her Account which is connected to the relevant School (i.e. a work e-mail address) and provide us with his/her contact details and work title. We reserve the right to decide whether a claim of a School shall be accepted or not, and we do not have to motivate such decision. Other Registered Users who are employees of or oth- erwise connected to the Claimed School, may request that their Accounts shall be connected to the Claimed School by following the instructions provided in School Parrot. Also in this case, we have the right of accept or decline requests in accordance with above.
    2. A Registered User who claims a School is responsible for having the right to claim such School on behalf of the School. Such Registered User will therefore be responsible for any claim raised by such School against us.
    3. If the claim of a School’s Profile is accepted by School Parrot, the relevant Registered User may control the Claimed School’s Profile and thereby submit, upload and/or transfer Materials to it. The User acting on behalf of a Claimed School is responsible for such Materials and for having the right to upload it. We do not actively control the Materials submitted to School Parrot and can under no circumstances be held responsi- ble for any Materials.

    1. We, in our sole discretion, have the right to terminate your Account, block your access to School Parrot, delete certain Materials, to restore a Profile which has been amended by you and/or receive a reasonable compensation for our losses and damages which are a result of your breach, if you misuse School Parrot in any way. For example, you are misusing School Parrot if you:

      upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available any Materials that is unlawful or illegal, includ- ing without limitation to data that is libelous, or invasive of another's privacy;
      use School Parrot to harm others in any way;
      impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, us, our employees or another User, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;
      upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available any Materials that you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as proprietary and confidential information), or that in any manner infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights;
      use School Parrot to upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available any software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware;
      interfere with or disrupt School Parrot or servers or networks connected to School Parrot; or
      modify, adapt or hack School Parrot.

    1. We (or our licensors) shall own all rights, title and interest in and to School Parrot, as well as any material in or provided through School Parrot, including any copyright, patent, trademark, design right, trade secret and any other intellectual property rights. All reviews made by Users in School Parrot in accordance with section 3.2 shall vest with us and may not be deleted by you. You shall not receive any ownership rights by using School Parrot or, for example, by downloading material from School Parrot.
    2. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, all Materials including all intellectual property rights to such Materials, shall remain the property of the User acting on behalf of a Claimed School (or such other person who owns such material and who has given the User his/her/its consent to submit/up- load/transfer certain material), and we have no right to use such Materials without your written consent thereto.

    1. For us to be able to provide School Parrot to you, we need to collect some of your personal data (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679). The terms and conditions related to your privacy including how we protect your personal data, is governed in our privacy policy which may be found here.

    1. You always have the right to terminate your Account. This may easily be done by you by following the in- structions given in School Parrot, or by sending us an e-mail to the email address stated in section 15.
    2. Note that your Materials, any review made by you in accordance with section 3.2 and similar information will be retained in School Parrot even after the termination of your Account, however in an anonymized form. For more information about your privacy, please see section 9 above.

    1. We always try to keep School Parrot available. However, School Parrot may, at any time, be disturbed or affected by factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the functionality or availability of School Parrot.
    2. For you to have the best user experience we sometimes must change and update School Parrot or launch new versions of it. This might affect your access to School Parrot for a short time. We always try to inform you about such actions in advance and, of course, place them when the website traffic usually is light.

    1. School Parrot is provided, to the extent allowed under law, “as is” and “as available”, and unless otherwise explicitly stated in these Terms or on the Website, without any representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. This includes, but is not limited to, that School Parrot is suitable for a particular pur- pose, that the Information, Materials and other information provided in School Parrot is complete, accurate, true, updated, timeliness and/or correct, or that the reviews made by Users in accordance with section 3.2 are reliable, reasonable and/or true. Neither, we warrant that all Schools are available in School Parrot, or that the results when a User uses the search function in School Parrot are complete.
    2. Further, we do not warrant that School Parrot will meet your requirements or expectations, or that School Parrot will be available on an uninterrupted, secure or error-free basis. We are not responsible for any con- tent published in School Parrot by Users or content on sites which School Parrot links to.

    1. You shall be liable and agree to indemnify us and third parties for and against all damages, which are caused by your unlawful behavior or breach of these Terms.

    1. School Parrot contains links and references to other websites where these Terms do not apply. We are not responsible for such websites and we therefore recommend you to carefully read the terms of service and the privacy policies of such websites.

    1. You accept that all communication between us and you related to School Parrot may be carried out electron- ically, for instance through e-mail, using our email address contact@schoolparrot.com. Additionally, you may always use the contact form in School Parrot and therewith provide us with the information required.

    1. You may wholly or partly assign or pledge your rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party without our prior written consent.

    1. We may change these Terms at any time and we decide when such amended version of these Terms shall enter into force. However, any changes to these Terms shall always be clearly communicated to you through School Parrot. If you continue to use School Parrot after such amendments have communicated, you will be bound by the new terms.
    2. If you do not consent to such amended version of these Terms, you may always terminate your Account and/or stop using School Parrot.
  18. TERM

    1. These Terms apply for you when you use School Parrot (in some parts, when the context so requires, only if you are a Registered User). A Registered User may terminate its Account in accordance with section 10.

    1. These Terms shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the substantive law of Sweden (not including its conflict of law provisions).
    2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms and/or your use of School Parrot, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be attempted to be settled amicably. If no such settlement is attained, the dispute shall be finally settled by the public courts of Sweden, with Stockholms tingsrätt as first instance.