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Jun 18, 2023

It’s not bad, but it isn’t good either.

While my education is of an extremely high standard, and most of the teachers are fantastic and have a lot of care for their students, there are so many issues that can’t be over looked. Some extremely biased teachers who will fail students for disagreeing about political and social views, principle is extremely uninvolved within the school, the school cares more about it’s ATAR ranking than the mental and physical wellbeing of it’s students or the futures of students. Sexual harassment is overlooked and not taken seriously. Teachers refusing to let students use the bathroom. A lot of racism for such a multicultural school. Students have zero respect for each other, teachers or the school facilities. The canteen has extremely limited selection, terrible quality, over priced and does not at all cater to those with dietary requirements. Disappointed in not only this generation but those entrusted to educate us.
May 11, 2023


This school puts way to much pressure on students to do well in school and study, like we get there are lots of ppl who mess around and are just so annoying they can’t focus n study at all- no teachers can rlly even teach- not even the new ones!! Only some, which is quite rare that u get good teachers. Canteen is also very overpriced. For me personally I would benefit with less people in classes and less pressure with teachers who actually teach and help with what you need rather than focusing just on the naughtier ones
Apr 21, 2023

A great school

I’ve heard a lot of things about Applecross but honestly it’s a really good school. I think the teachers truly care about their students, and they provide great opportunities for you to improve in your learning and get help when you need it. Of course there are teachers who are not so great and the teaching program may have a few flaws, but generally speaking, Applecross is a great school for learning. However one thing is they don’t provide that many opportunities for volunteering and extra curricular activities, but if you take initiative and participate yourself then this is not an issue to worry about. But if you’re a very academically driven person or if you want to achieve a specific academic goal, then Applecross is a great option. As a year 12 who’s graduating this year, I’m very thankful to have spent my teenage years growing up here:)
Former Student
Feb 13, 2023

Very competitive

I went to this school from 2016-2021, and I found that there was a lot of pressure to succeed, we were regularly ranked in science and maths and given sheets of paper telling us where we stood in the cohort for our grades. I also struggled from mental health issues and I found the support to be very basic. The education was amazing if you had a teacher who was passionate, but if you were unlucky you had a teacher who didn’t really care and it was difficult to succeed in those classes. The facilities were very modern and tidy. However the fees are very high and if you are in the art program you have higher fees and school in Saturday.
Former Student
Feb 3, 2023

Review from an ex-student

I went there for about 2.5 years and here’s my review:
I was sexually assaulted by a student in my grade. The school didn’t do so much as to suspend him. They *claimed* that he was going to compulsory counselling. I found out through my peers that he opted out and never went.
The students were not the best but ultimately the experience from a school is mainly based on educators (in my opinion).
Teachers were lovely, the younger teachers tended to be the more passionate ones. They put in the effort to let kids enjoy the courses. A handful of older teachers were clearly there just to collect a paycheck and go home at the end of the day.
The school attempted to support me through hardships however I found their help inadequate.
The facilities were generally tidy and clean, frequently you get a group of kids vaping in bathrooms between classes.
Overall: not a great experience for me. I have diagnosed anxiety and the school didn’t cater for my needs. The students were very clique-y, plenty of them didn’t want to be there either, very disruptive in the younger years. The only redeeming factor was honestly the passionate teachers.

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