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May 12, 2023

i hate this school so much send help

This school is so bad. The teachers do not care about you whatsoever. I know someone who got punched in the face and a teacher literally just told him to walk it off. He was bleeding.

The design of the school is absolutely terrible. They went for design over function. There are barely any undercover areas, barely any chairs, and the only chairs that are there get drenched as soon as there is even a light rain.

The staff care more about if you are on your phone or not than they do about if you might die.
Former Student
Feb 27, 2023

decent school

atwell is pretty poorly recognised but its pretty decent, lots of the teachers are bad but its a good school, most of the very good teachers have left, but that happens, i feel like the new principal has ruined the school but oh well. i think its good overall, new teachers arent great as i am now very behind at my new school because of my science teacher from last year. burrows was great, hurrel was great, lukies is great, packer and potter are great, allison is great, grey us great, any teachers not mentioned were either bad or i didnt have them.
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Do not attend unless you do not care about your education

I went to Atwell from 2018-2021 and had a horrible experience. The students mainly consist of "eshays" who damage school property, attack other students, and disrupt learning. Multiple teachers have encouraged bullying on LGBTQ+ students, neurodivergent students, or anyone who is not considered conventionally attractive which has led to many students suffering from mental health problems. There is also a lot of racism that is encouraged by some teachers.

While I no longer attend the school, I do have a younger sibling who tells me about what is going on there. Recently most of the teachers have either left the school due to the new principal and the students behaviour OR have been fired for defending themselves. This has caused numerous students to fail classes due to not having a proper teacher.

The only good programs at the school are the Languages, Rugby, and Netball programs, which seem genuinely good compared to other schools in the area. Atwell used to have a very good STEM/Robotics program but was cancelled due to the teachers that ran it leaving.

There used to be an LGBTQ+ support group, however this was cancelled due to interested teachers leaving the school and homophobic students coming in to harass others. The school still seems to pretend that they care about LGBTQ+ students by holding pride event but then ignore bullying that is happening.

The Kim Beazley centre is by far the best part of the school. It has multiple rehabilitation facilities and a pool. I do not know what happens in classes there but I am aware that the teachers do not do a good enough job protecting their mentally and physically disabled students from being picked on and teased by other students. Some teachers even encourage this.

Please do not send your children here until they fix these issues.
201 Brenchley Drive, 6164, Atwell
Peter Rudrum
08 6174 2200

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