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Jul 17, 2023

Do not put your kids here

The people are awful and the system is broke, ms Lovelock abuses her power and the staff
Former Student
May 6, 2023


Worst school I’ve ever been to.
May 3, 2023

Bad Overall

Can’t use the bathroom at all. Locks are all broken and haven't been fixed for months. Students constantly vaping in the bathrooms. Teachers only allow for two-five minutes to get to class and don’t allow students to go to the bathroom during class. Canteen food is overpriced and not worth the money. Principal doesn’t really care about the students and acts like he does. I was refused from dropping Methods ATAR because I “should have been more committed and I should just try harder” even though I was failing and ruined my mental health. Teachers care more about wrong socks than kids mental health. No support systems in place for students. EDI’s are not helpful in learning. School cares more about appearances than students learning. School has NO with ATAR and lacks communication with students and parents. Year 11 and 12 students are referred to as “the guinea pigs” for designing new courses.
May 2, 2023

Don’t go to this school

This school is terrible, I am stressed out of my mind. There are a few good teachers but most of them are shit. The school doesn’t care about the students they only care that we all look “perfect” to everyone else’s eyes. That’s why you see kids getting suspended for the most stupid things when they should be caring about mental health needs and learning useful things. I would give this school a 0/5 if I could. Don’t send your kids here.
-year 11
Apr 24, 2023

its so bad there’s nothing to do

asc is the worst skl to send ur kid to

i dont like asc they dont let us express our culture for example for lgbtqia’s days they have full on speakers and set up and whole lil thingy but for harmony day or multicultural day we have to write a letter to a teacher that has nothing to do with multiculturalism we had to set up our own multicultural day at first teachers didnt like it but they had to bcs we didnt let them stop us from expressing our culture and the teachers dont care about our well-being all we do is learn learn and learn we never get breaks after tests we do more topics they need to understand we arent robots and we get in trouble for anything and everything for no reason too it be over the dumbest things like u were late to school or ur socks and major problems like racism gets ignored and when we take things into our own hands its a “problem” if the school started to step up and be a better school and environment then they wont have as many students not showing up or leaving the school,
Former Student
Mar 8, 2023

Really bad

I got bullied it took to long for them too help me but the food is a 10/10
Mar 7, 2023

It’s shit

They lock up the toilets cause why not and they do not care about student wellbeing and all they care about is if they are their and wearing the right coloured sock. I’m English instead of learning how to write and spell better for the student who need it they sit and read then write shit abt what they read and the teachers think thta thier doing amazing when they are rlly doing shit.
Feb 12, 2023

School is terrible

Some teachers are good. The office needs to change, they falsely reported my brother to DCP cause we had a argument and I was crying, they didn’t enroll me in my course now I have to start next year, the suspended kids for tiny things like wrong colour socks. And the principal ignores it all, he walks around the school like he is doing amazing and his school is amazing, but it isn’t. Also almost every kid hates EDI but we are ignored and they keep doing it, so kids end up falling asleep in class cause it loses our attention. They also completely ignore bullying and when a friend hits another friend, And apologies they suspend them. But when there is actual bullying they just let it off.
Feb 5, 2023

Would not recommend

Most teachers at the school are great however the office is very poor. I’ve had many run ins with them not doing their job properly and have had to email the principle multiple times including 1 meeting for an apology on behalf of the office staffs behaviour. I would never send any of my family’s kids there
Maffina Parade, 6069, Ellenbrook
Stephen Pestana
08 6296 1000

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