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Former Student
Jun 5, 2023

Very bad school do not enrol your child

I was bullied for 4 years and the school did nothing we had around 4 principals changes in one year student services was bad at there job and teachers didn’t do anything to help or help us learn anything overall it’s a bad school fights all the time, drugs being sold on campus, teachers not teaching and students getting treated badly
Mar 9, 2023

Thank god it’s my last year

The education level sits at a less than satisfactory level. If the teachers want to bother with you, they’re not so bad. If they don’t like you, chances are you’ll be tormented and belittled. Being in ace then atar softens the blow a little bit. The current principal, Belinda Hall, has no idea how to run a school and I’m pretty sure she cares more about her ugly ass shoes than the students. Makes sense considering after a few fights she wore all black to reflect her ‘sadness’. Pathetic. There’s that one sport teacher who filmed underage girls on his personal mobile for further grading reference. Unsurprisingly, the school had no issue with that and he still works there. Much like how they have no issue with year 7s vaping and doing drugs in the bathrooms. God forbid they see a mobile phone though.
The school is great if you don’t mind a bit of harassment from both teachers and students, and you’re capable of teaching yourself content. < That sums up my time at bcc
Former Student
Feb 24, 2023

I would rather kill myself than go back

If someone told me “hey, the department of education said you have to go back to bcc to repeat a year” I would violently bang my head into a wall until I was brain dead. About 90% of the teachers are bullies, and the “good” 10% are coerced into either becoming mean, quitting, or killing themselves. This school is fucking useless not a single person in admin/student services knows what the fuck they’re doing. They’ve deprived us of WATER during a 39°+ HEATWAVE which is actually just fucking child endangerment.

This school is WAY beyond salvageable and probably a health hazard. Shutting it down would be the best option
Feb 10, 2023

Canteen too expensive and staff is rude to students

Canteen is sooo expensive, teachers dont respect the students and expect respect first, also staff make changes to the school and claim that it was in surveys and everyone contributed, also dont advertise activities and pick favourites on who they want doing what.
Feb 10, 2023

ballajura community college can suck my left nutsack

ballajura community college? pfft more like ballajura criminal college. i have never witnessed such a shit ole of a school and people being okay with it. the teachers suck ass, either they don’t teach and just sit there or they’re legit pedophiles that record students and keep it for “safe keeping” if you go to bcc i pray for you day and night because it’s the worst experience i’ve ever gone through. hasn’t thought me jack shit n i’ve learnt more sitting in a pre-school room looking after children than i have sitting in a classroom for 5 years. please get some help 🙏 ps half the staff are poofs
Illawarra Crescent South, 6066, Ballajura
Leigh Cottrill
08 9262 7777

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