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Mar 8, 2023

Lockdowns and racism

The school needs to have a better safety and security system as it is constantly going into lockdowns and making the bell go early just to avoid conflict which is not fair to other students who miss out on the rest of their meal break. The school and not just this one most schools treat people differently based on the colour of their skin they ten d to be more understanding if it was a black person then a white person. For example if an aboriginal person was walking around and was 10 mins late to class they would of just given an excuse and the teacher would be just glad they are attending a class. But if it was a white student they would be sent to buddy straight away. There is no privileges for white people whilst black people have Clontarf and Stars both places for black men and women to go to when Rutgers don’t want to go to class or just want food. And this is the same for after school they get food and have one on one help with school work. Whilst if you need help you do it yourself and don’t get food some classes provide tutorials after school but only one e a week not everyday.
Mar 8, 2023

Racism and lockdowns

This school is quite a good school besides the fact that kids get treated differently because of the colour of their skin. For example, aboriginal people can get away with a lot of rules such as truenting whilst white kids or kids other than black will be disciplined and sent to a buddy class. The school also have many lockdowns and rings the bell early a lot which I think is unfair as you are not getting the whole 25 mins.
Frederick Street, 6725, Broome
Mathew Burt
08 9195 3100

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