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Former Student
Jul 2, 2023

Don’t go

Try to avoid this school at all costs. Not allowed to do workplace or working experiences cause the school doesn’t allow it. Not allowed to use Apple Pay at the school canteen. If they see u even transferring money they take it for the rest of the day even tho your just buying food. You get the token good teacher but most of them don’t really care about your education. Some of them are so mean that I didn’t want to go to school some days when I had there classes.
Former Student
Jun 20, 2023

Carine High School

good education but not enough pathways for people wanting to pursue trades, a lot of the teachers only cater their time towards the more talented academic students and a lot of them have short tempers which is understandable at a high school but sone points when i was their i was treated unfairly. Principal uses his size and status to intimidate students overall good school for education purposes but a lot to find underneath the mask of what it looks like from the outside
Former Student
Jun 15, 2023

I have heard more slurs in this place than children laughing

First of all it’s ugly as fuck. Teachers are borderline racist. I have heard more slurs in this place than children laughing. Used by teachers and students. Blatant sexism from teachers time and time again. Teachers are such a mixed basket. You could get someone like Daniel Hugo who will make you think learning is more than brainless memorisation, someone who looks out for kids who clearly don’t learn the way the schooling system forces you to, or someone like literally the entire sport/health staff. The amount of times I’ve heard teachers tell our entire class they don’t care how we do should literally be concerning but it’s a fucking annual practice for me from year 7 to 12. being put through this system has made myself and many others hate ourselves. If you’re not academically intelligent good luck. If you love your children and they are creative, adhd or autistic and don’t want them to end up at the minimum suicidal, send them literally anywhere else. If you’re bad at math, you will be punished because the idiots with wooden spoons up their holes teaching math classes can’t comprehend being neurodivergent. I also wanted to make fun of the principal who’s an absolute wanker. Great job dickhead you’ve made carines fragile self image crumble because you think you’re better than everyone around you. Thanks for not wearing a mask during peak covid dickhead. You can get your staff to respect you but I assure you, it’s because you gave them careers. And I mean this from the depths of my damn SOUL no one and I mean no one attending Carine as a student likes you. Not because you’re “strict” and teenagers don’t like authority, but because you embarrass yourself every time you make a public appearance. Be it how fragile your self esteem is that it’s threatened by a crowd of teenagers laughing or tripping over your long ass grinch looking ass shoes. Much love to any poor Carine students who’ve made it this far. If you struggle know that this place is only designed for a very specific demographic. Tafe isn’t for retards with no life skills I promise you. Sure they most definitely exist but their feeble existence is only to blame on people like teachers who insist on reproducing when they’re insufferable. If you’ve been mistreated by a teacher don’t sweat it too much. 70% of the teachers get off to having power so badly they become teachers to have it. Teachers who act like being out of your year area is the remake of 911 are just miserable little pathetic vessels. Rise above and know that you’re better than them no matter what qualifications they have. Gen Z is tasked with fixing all the shit they caused. Lets get to work.
Apr 28, 2023

Carine shs

Overall a great school. I’ve been lucky with teachers and opportunities and they’ve all been great. While some of the students aren’t the greatest that isn’t the schools fault. Good amount of course selection and class levels to suit almost all abilities.
While there are certain subjects etc. at the school that many believe deserve more funding (specifically performing arts eg. drama & dance) the sports programme is great with many opportunities and great teachers.
The school is extremely a sport and academic led school, good outdoor spaces and bathrooms.
One negative is not being permitted phones at the canteen.
Overall I throughly enjoy carine and the people.
Feb 21, 2023

Don’t go here

Pretty trash school. Principal is a certified bot. Not even allowed to pay at canteen with your phone, if they see it they’ll take it until the end of the day. Don’t even get a free period in y11 and legit all the tests are done BEFORE SCHOOL. Don’t go here if you can help it.
Feb 19, 2023

Carine senior high school

some of the teachers need to learn how to respect the student and not be racist towards us but other then those few teachers the school is amazing and offer great course selections!
Feb 18, 2023

Carine shs

Honestly a really good school opportunity wise and education wise, the only reason it loses a star is because of the kinds of kids that go there (vaping, stealing, teasing ect) but overall great school!
Feb 4, 2023


it stinks but it can go hard sometimes depending on the day. canteen is elite everything else sucks
51 Everingham Street, 6020, Carine
Damian Shuttleworth
08 9243 9100

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