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Former Student
May 12, 2023

Horrible place

I went to this school from year 7 and ended up loving schools after year 10. In this school if you are not good academically they will push you to the side. So many teachers told me that I would amount to nothing and that I would never make anything of myself. If that is what you want your daughter to hear then go for it but I would have rather gone to any other school than this school. It is so damaging both mentally and physically. Bully’s run rampant throughout. Teachers bullied me during my time here. I would never ever recommend this school to anyone. No support from teachers at all.
Mar 17, 2023

Terrible school

This school is terrible they are very controlling so kids try to rebel at our school so the kids go into the bathroom and draw an upside down cross and say all hail saten and don't belive in God all over the school and apparently the school is going to look through your phones which is an invasion of privacy just to find the video if you have it because the school wants no one to know about it so the next year year 7s still come to this stupid school.
Feb 9, 2023

This school is ridiculously controlling

The new ********* ***** ****** has flipped the school upside down and there’s no point of return. The rules at this school have become prison like and out of proportion. To illustrate the nonsense that she calls ‘regulations and expectations’, no leather shoes with sport uniform (e.g air forces and jordan’s or anything similar), no going to the local shopping center after school without a parent signed note (the only exception is a medical appointment and there needs to be a location and time stated). The beauty standards are also complete foolishness, earrings can be sleeper, but not with a stud of clip backing, studs can not be over 3mm in diameter and nails can’t be over 2mm long, disregarding if they are natural or not. To say this feels like a prison is an understatement, the school preaches feminism and diversity but there is no room for a personality or expression which they don’t approve of. The worse part is this is regularly enforced and when it gets to the point that they are controlling my life outside of the college is where I draw the line, these people do not own me, I pay them therefor I should have respect and the freedom to be myself.
Feb 7, 2023


I originally loved the school and then they decided to turn it into a detention centre
90-98 The Lakes Drive, 2745, Glenmore Park
Mary Leask
02 4737 5500

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