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Jun 12, 2023


It’s not…the worst?? But it’s definitely not the best. The rules they implement are so pointless and stupid, it drives me crazy - e.g. Leavers Jackets (which cost over $100) can only be worn on Wednesday. And also, they banned Nike Air Force Ones, which half the population wear, so :/

Considering teachers, you either get brilliant ones or ones who should just not be a teacher. Some of them are so bitter that smiling will get you in trouble. Others just refuse to teach the curriculum. As it is a Catholic school we have to take religion, and some teachers teach it very objectively, but others will enforce their beliefs on the students. In Year 9, a teacher pulled up some numbers to try and prove that birth control doesn’t work. The good teachers are AMAZING though. They actually care about you and want you to succeed.

This school places far too much pressure on workload and grades. I’ve developed an incredibly unhealthy mindset and take antidepressants now. I also started to harm myself due to the pressure I put on myself, influenced by the school. The homework is RIDICULOUS. I spend every day working up to but usually 14 hours. It’s debilitating. My physical and mental health suffers IMMENSELY.

The school will put you in contact with tutors if you need, which is brilliant. They also allow those struggling mentally to take time out of class if needed, or take tests a few days later or even in a different room. I appreciated that.

Handling bullying is…pretty good, in my experience. They made sure to keep the person away from me the year after it happened, but then put me in all her classes the next. They did allow me to shift out though! When she started to harass me again I immediately went to the school and she was told to stay away from me multiple times and luckily it worked.

Food is wayyyyy too expensive. Also, they need more, because after about 5 minutes of letting us in the canteen there’s nothing left.

One last thing - study break for exams is ABYSMAL. We only get it ON THE WEEK OF EXAMS. Furthermore we have tests THE WEEK BEFORE EXAMS. It’s horrid management.

Their extracurricular activities are fun and there is a lot of opportunities for sport and music.

Personally I wouldn’t go back there but it is an affordable option and with support from the start I think it would be okay. I have had good friends and minus the mental health part it’s been fun.
Former Student
Feb 6, 2023

Chisholm prison

Chisholm absolutely destroyed my mental health. Way too much pressure on grades from both my parents and deputies/teachers.
Started sh because of the emotional termoil I was constantly in.
I wouldnt go back for all the money in the world.
1104 Beaufort Street, 6052, Bedford
John Bormolini
08 9208 2500

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