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Jun 6, 2023

don’t go here

This school is so shit. Teachers are cunts and students are just as bad.
Jun 2, 2023

more for the social side not education

honestly everyone hates on their own school because they don’t realise that every school has its flaws. Daramalan looks after their students socially and provide many different opportunities to make friends.
the education side is not quite as good as other schools in Canberra that cost the same price (e.g. Marist, CGS, Merici). it is pretty hard to receive support when on a special learning plan because basically every teacher ignores it and overlooks the special requirements. they highly favour those who are in high levels of sport at the school.
Former Student
Mar 29, 2023

Basically hell disguised as a catholic school

They made me sign something that basically banned me for being in first aid for more than 5 seconds and because of that I was kicked out when I had a concussion (this happened twice because of a design flaw that caused it easy for the basketballs to hit people in the table area, it took like 4 concussions and a bunch of injuries for them to fix it), the thing they made me sign they made it sound like it would cure my severe anxiety but just made it worse, there was a girl who def should've gotten expelled as she had stolen from me and others, bullied, cyber bullied, threatened people, started rumours about people, made a Insta page to make it easier to spread rumours, when caught being the creator of the Insta page she also claimed someone else helped that had nothing to do with it (I have no idea why, she still got in trouble and dragged that girl in for no reason) and did more but I think she got suspended once, they threatened to expel me for not being at school for the last week as I was visiting my dad who was away for personal reasons and I could barely contact until then. They picked and chose who to pick on about uniform as I got in trouble for having a black backpack without the logo for like 2 days even it was only for a bit but no one else, I also got in trouble for a small green streak in my hair that was completely faded at that point and was only seen when the teacher had come up close to inspect my uniform since my dress was barely above the knee. Also one of the history teachers def wanted to kill or at least injure me (thats a long story tho). Also a year 8 wrote something terrible about someone I'm related to on the bathroom walls and the only thing they did was ban the year 8s from using that bathroom for a couple weeks. I could go on for ages about how terrible it was, I came to that school with slight anxiety and left with severe general anxiety, social anxiety and depression and 3 attempts on my life :3
Former Student
Mar 7, 2023

Mental hell

Caused way too many mental breakdown, I had to go all the way to the vice principal (loved her) for help with mental health and getting stuff back that was stolen from me (I had proof) and they don't take mental health seriously at all, it's only good if you're a cishet who is also mentally stable. The teachers seemed to pick on me for small things about uniform but not anyone else (like there was a girl in year 9-10 with a hot pink huge handbag but my black backpack was too much even tho I explained it's for a say). The textiles and some of the language teachers were good tho.
Feb 24, 2023

Review of Daramalan as a student

Not worth going to. Teachers have little to no control over their classes and they give out way too much work. Not only this but the uniform is horribly uncomfortable and all of the bathrooms smell of vapes. The only good thing going for them is the people there. Daramalan does nothing to fix their problems and in the many years I have been there I have witnessed or experienced verbal harassment from a few of teachers (no names)
121 Cowper Street, 2602, Dickson
Rita Daniels
02 6245 6300

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