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Sep 3, 2023

The ghetto

Real bad. Tun of people getting bashed, loads of pedo’s n most of the teachers don’t care bout anyone n are rude cows. Don’t send ya kids here
Jun 29, 2023


there is no frisbees
Jun 28, 2023


Great opportunities, except the principal couldn’t care less about the students or those opportunities and will take them away for no real reason. But other than him and the fights, it gets the job done and there are some amazing teachers and a really strong music, media, and sports programs, some of the best in the state. will be better when he retires
Jun 10, 2023

Good school

Good school i guess. Does the job. Gets in the news a bit for fights and shit but not too bad.
Former Student
Apr 22, 2023

toxic environment

Eastern hills was an ok school.
It has good programs and supplies a lot of equipment but there is always something broken or damaged about the equipment.
When I first started in year 7 the school was pretty good. I had a few nice teachers and the classes weren’t to bad.
By my 2nd and 3rd years ( years 8 and 9 ) it felt pretty bad to have to go to school there every day. There were always fights, people were smashing windows, toilets and lights. Not many of the students were nice. I had a math teacher who never even tried teaching our class, not a single one of us were passing, and he didn’t care if we passed or not because it wasn’t his future it was ours. About Half way through year 9 I was heavily bullied. I wanted to hurt myself and others, I had problems with most teachers as I found they don’t seem very open to helping kids that might struggle more than others, weather it was with reading, writing, or even kids with disability’s. kids with mental health problems were always pushed aside. I had teachers who tried to suspend me and give me weeks of detention because they couldn’t understand that I was having panic attacks trying to present a presentation or write an exam, they thought I was just trying to get out of doing assignments. Lots of the teachers swear at kids, I had a teacher who would smoke in her classroom during the lunch breaks. Not all the teachers were bad there were plenty of good ones but they were rare to come by. Eastern hills senior high school is not a nice environment. I know that for lots of families it’s an only option as it’s the only public school in the area but if you have the money I would really recommend sending your kid/s somewhere else.
Mar 7, 2023

Good School

Good School but with its downsides
school is well equipped for media subjects and DNT (metal work, wood work, auto)
Good sports programs with decent equipment.
One of the best music programs in the state when it comes to high school
Something is always broken.
Between classes the pathways and corridors get very packed so much that you are shoulder to shoulder.
Former Student
Feb 8, 2023


Ok school, lots of sporting, hospitality and music opportunities for students.

Lack of recognition for students who help a lot in departments, and positional rewards based on that (such as head student positions, councillors and faction captains)
Lot 289 Keane Street East, 6082, Mount Helena
John Dunning
08 9573 0300

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