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Former Student
Apr 26, 2023

ggf espo

Esperance is an extremely horrible school, it is horrible kids going down mentally and physical. the teachers are rude and don’t care. The esperance farm training centre should be shut down as it violates multiple violations and lack of care for kids and animals. the residential college is extremely 💯 worse than the school all put together. i went there for 4 yrs and it progressively got worse and. worse. pressure by supervisors and manager. not believing you are sick constantine searching ppl even though they’ve done nothing this school and college is disgusting do not send you kids here if you love them they will come out mentally drained.
Mar 9, 2023

eshs is horrible

horrible school, full of racists and even racist teachers the school is a hell hole and they treat people unfairly for example if a student is good and they do something bad they will get told off and a warning but if a student is ‘disrepectful’ and throws paper they get no warnings straight to a buddy room do not go there teachers dont even know how to teach and student services do nothing to help you and if your struggling in your class and you ask for help or to move down they will say your fine get over it do your work
Former Student
Feb 6, 2023

Esperance residential college

in my experience at the Esperance senior high school and residential college in 2020 and before that everything was fine no disrespect no heavy drugs or vapes going around school it was a great little school and the boarding house was enjoyable to live in but after a incident that occurred in 2021 that effect the whole college it wasn’t the same the supervisors turned into really bossy and disrespectful to the students then drugs went around and vapes and everything turn downward from there and this recent year a lot of students have left from the lack of help the supervisors offer and a racist student that they did absolutely nothing about besides a pat on the bad but punished the kids that stuck up and did the right thing which i don’t understand and the supervisors are that stuck up to the manager it makes living there unbearable they don’t care about the students they only care if they are in the managers good books i would not recommend sending your child to this school and boarding place
Former Student
Feb 5, 2023

esperance resi

The esperance residential college is the worst would not recommend the supervisors don’t care about anyone but themselves and it’s like a jail
Former Student
Feb 5, 2023


esperance residential college

This school protects racists and punishes people who are defending themselves, the residential college attached to the school treats the children unfairly depending on how much they like them. If a student who is seen as a good kid there does something severe they are not punished nearly as severely as a student who is seen as “disrespectful”. A student last year said a lot of extremely racist comments directed towards the aboriginal students at the boarding college and the supervisors/head of the college did not punish them yet punished the students for defending themselves. I left the residential college due to mental health reasons and expressed to my mother that I felt as if they didnt care, she spoke to other parents of kids at the college and they all agreed with me. One of the head supervisors said to my mother and i quote “your child has given up on themselves and we have given up too”. This place is hell, do not send your child here.
Pink Lake Road, 6450, Esperance
Ian Masarei
08 9071 9555

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