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Sep 4, 2023

Inclusive, clean, supportive

It has been very fun, inclusive of the many cultures, and backgrounds. The school tries their best to provide us good hygiene but the students would ruin the bathrooms a lot. Everyday, the janitor has to clean that up…however, they do a very good job at keeping the bathrooms clean every day. Teachers also care not only about the student’s studies but also their mental health, and they try very best to help students out. I have teachers like this and it’s very warm to see them do their best to support such students.
Jul 13, 2023


Add a cadet unit and it'll become better
Jul 4, 2023


teachers continuously yell, tuck shop food out of date, constant bullying from others, toilets with no doors or soap dispensers and sometimes no toilet seats, discriminated by teachers when asking for help/to go somewhere.
Jun 19, 2023

Bad bad bad school

This school in unfair to its students. The principal is absolutely ridiculous with rules and lets students have zero freedom at all, no wonder they rebel. Fix how you treat your students. This is a horrible school, have been told multiple times about racist staff, creepy staff, and very rude and insensitive staff. And by staff I mean teachers.
Former Student
Jun 7, 2023


Personally think this school is horrible with the way students are treated in regards to fights or problems, i almost got suspended due to me telling someone to keep their distance. overall I think it's a horrible place but that's also due to favouritism of public perception rather than the conditions of students
May 4, 2023

This school is horrible.

This school doesn’t do anything with bullying although it goes through student councils etc. I have been trying to move class since last term most students are horrible. This school also has a horrible vaping and drug tolerance most people in the grades vape. Most of the students treat anyone with interests also lower then them and won’t accept anyone unique as a person with emotions.
Apr 26, 2023


I'm currently in year 10, been here since year 7 and the bullying is honestly a joke at this point. Majority of the teachers only do something if you defend yourself or your parent gets involved. A lot of the teachers will choose favourites based on both your academic and the colour of your skin. It's wrong. A lot of the students there only want to fight and cause drama.
Personally I would not recommend this school unless you're a great dancer or you play rugby(boys only) but even with the rugby program, more than half of them have moved to Ipswich, maple and Marsden bc the rugby program is better for them.

Again wouldn't recommend this school at all.
Mar 26, 2023

I physically attend the school on a weekly basis

The school is very unfair toward people of colour.teachers scream at students on a daily basis, both during class times and during break times. I would personally not recommend it.
Mar 24, 2023


never go here. it will leave you feeling no self worth. student got a 2 week suspension for asking another student not to hurt their friend.
Mar 5, 2023


horrible so not go you will be depressed
Mar 1, 2023


The bullying at the school is discusting and the only time the school will do something, is when you react or a parent gets involved.
The fights are stupid.
There has been multiple snakes in the school as well.
I'm currently in year 10 and been there since year 7, I wouldn't recommend this school uncles your child is great at rugby (boys only) or dance
High Street, 4078, Forest Lake
Tom Beck
07 3714 2333

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