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Former Student
Jun 20, 2023


Hampton is so ass, the new principle mrs griffis is trying to change the reputation not by having a better education system but with uniform, girls can’t wear shorts that are skin tight being it’s “ distracting “ for the boys even if you have bigger legs and you can’t help it your too change into baggy boy shorts or in the winter a thin little jumper and they’d rather get a new sighn for the front of the school and put in aboriginal art work at the front rather than using the money towards things like working iPads and computers for the students.. half of the teachers don’t even know how to handle a class let alone teach it. The schools pretty useless to be honest and the school counsellors are awful they say it’s a safe space to talk too but once you talk to them, DCP is called on your family. The school it’s self is disgusting the floors in the toilets are barely cleaned same with the walls they bricks in the classrooms are falling apart and are a safety hazard but the school just covers them up with pin up boards, they’re on your ass about uniform but the uniform shop is a 6 month wait list to even buy it..
Apr 21, 2023

Current Student

Most teachers in the school push students to hard rather than pull back to the students level. The teachers don’t explain the topic properly and don’t know how to control their students. The environment in hang out areas are poor and under-managed. They are too strict on uniform for a public co-educational school and make you change of your shorts have a small adidas logo. But the only excelled thing in this school would be the Specialist Programms. But the even sometimes they tend not to listen to students. Overall not bad, but not good.
Former Student
Feb 18, 2023

Hshs review

too many new teachers that don’t know what they’re teaching and the school inly cares about how they look not our education, i remember the first day of school they were more concered about our uniform rather than our learning… seem to be making all these stuff that have nothing to do with our education a priority, also there a lot of bullies that the school just dosen’t seem to care about. the fact the a group of boy attacked a year 8 in lower school is just unacceptable + the swimming pools are just filthy and allowing kids to let them swim in it is just straight up poor hygiene.
Morley Drive East, 6062, Morley
Tony Granich
08 9270 5700

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