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Jul 10, 2023


worst teachers. care more about how fast ur walking n how u look then ur welbeing n work
Apr 20, 2023


A little girl had come into my workplace this morning and we asked her about school ( I go there) and she was a grade 7 and she was telling me and my coworker about how there are so many fights in one day and that one of her friend had to move towns because she was scared of getting bashed because a group of seniors jumped a junior boy in grade 7 it’s ridiculous
Apr 20, 2023

This school doesn’t take awareness!!!!

Yesterday at school there was a bunch of girls confronting a guy who was touching up girls without any consent and the girls have said that it made them really uncomfortable the girls have stood up and then one of the girls got suspended and the guy didn’t the guy no punishment whatsoever. A bunch of girls reported what he was doing and half of these girls aren’t even friends. This school is the absolute worse. It was reported to the teachers and they did nothing about it.
Mar 30, 2023

Change your ways

This school and there system needs to be fixed!! Toilets get locked because girls are eating in them? The uniform policy and how you can’t go into the tuckshop unless you go to uniform detention that’s stupid. They have high and stupid expectations like how when you turn 16 they decide if you get kicked out or not ? I thought everyone had the right to get a education oh and how the seniors get a week of hods if we use the junior toilets but when the juniors use ours they don’t get no punishment? Change the way you do stuff Hervey Bay state high cause if you don’t change then there are gonna be more fights.
The way you guys handle a fight too a teacher only taking one side of the situation instead of listening to both sides stupid or not even caring about the kids who have adhd for an example a kid with adhd can’t seem to focus or gets distracted easily then you get up them they can’t sit still and then when they don’t match up to your expectations you kick them out as soon as they turn 16 or accusing students of vaping when they weren’t your school is not a school I don’t want to attend no more I don’t even feel safe there anymore I want to walk in those gates and feel safe to know that no one is going to hurt me but when I walk in those gates I feel like someone is going to hurt me and I don’t feel safe.
When I told a teacher about someone throwing stuff at me (rocks the rock hit the back of my head) and then the boys kept on doing it I walked out and told a teacher and the teacher told me that she can’t do anything about it? Like what how does that make sense kids are getting bashed everyday like yesterday there were 5 fights they can’t put a stop to it they only talk about it but they never do anything about it the way they teach stuff are bad too they teach it too quick and expect us to learn it they don’t teach us the basic and I don’t know how that’s going to help us with anything. The staff and the teachers are just as bad there’s a teacher who stares at girls boobs and the teachers don’t show us respect not even when we show them respect. Safety is very poor they say they will do stuff about all the fights but suspending students don’t help with the issue only makes it worse.
Mar 22, 2023

Hervey Bay high stinks

the school is honestly the worst they care more about uniform then anything else they suspend students for no reason the teachers blame the kids for their own mistakes the uniform is uncomfortable they don’t let you buy food unless you’ve been to uniform detention which goes for at least half the break the teachers are rude and obnoxious the kids there are the worst my sister and her friends got food thrown at them and the teachers did nothing about it they defend the bullies and blame the victims there’s multiple fights everyday it’s more like a jail then an actual school they stopped a child from going to their formal for not having natural coloured hair the teachers don’t give two fucks about your mental health everything is so expensive the school fees are 205$ a year and you still have to pay to do some subjects and go on excursions they exclude you from going on incentive day, formal and graduation if school fees aren’t paid or if your not on the right level the students are little ferals you can’t even go take a piss without 30 people in the bathroom vaping the school claims to be against bullying but they don’t do shit about it I’ve been asking my parents to move me from there since year 7 it honestly drains you I don’t even want to school half the time. don’t send your kid there it will ruin them.
Mar 22, 2023

Lots of Funding but not a lot of Action

This school receives the most funding out of all the public schools in the region, so you would expect that the teachers are getting paid enough to care about their students. Don’t get me wrong, not all the teachers are careless, but you can’t overlook some of the pure evil movie villains that work there.

My daughter comes home borderline suicidal because of her business teacher. She’s been overworked, overlooked and overwhelmed during her classes with that said teacher. I’m unable to name the witch that teaches that class due to this platform’s regulations but I can assure you; simply by the first interaction I had with her over the phone, that she is a certified Karen.

Additionally, I heard quite frankly horror stories regarding the toilet situation in this establishment. They may as well be remanded into gas chambers because of all the vapers who practically run the area. Simply disgusting. For a school that has upheld the reputation of being the most strict in the bay, they sure do have a soft spot for vaping kids. Simply unacceptable.
Mar 19, 2023

The worst school I've ever been to

For a school that claims to take bullying very seriously they really don't. The work is overwhelming especially in year 11 and honestly one of the strictest schools I've been to out of like 4 different high schools (my family moves a lot) the majority of students are extremely racist, homophobic and just down right rude.there are fights almost every day and all people do is record them and crowd around instead of doing anything. I've had teachers bully me and target me, be sexist and defend men who have raped women and so much more. The food is half decent but who cares. They care more about the colour of your socks than if you want lunch. The support room is also terrible, they claim you can go there if you need comfort or just time from class but I sat there balling my eyes out because my grandfather was in hospital and they told me “it's been five minutes you either go back to class or go home” and when your parents are working and you can't go home they forcibly take you out and to your class. The students destroy the bathrooms throwing fecal matter everywhere and ripping of toilets. The bathrooms are filled with at least 30 kids vaping whenever you walk in. People smoke behind the school and even in the bathrooms. In the summer the humidity is 90% at 31 degrees and the aircons have been broken in several rooms for 8 weeks until I overheated and passed out due to the lack of cooling or anything. Year 11 and 12 is basically just recycling the old crap you learnt over the past couple years, never learning anything new or interesting. Was bullied in multiple class by groups of girls and guys for no reason. Had death threats and days where I was scared to attend school. The teachers also have no sympathy for you or your situation “oh your pet of 10 years died? Tough luck assignments due tonight” this is a real thing that was said to my friend. The other day this kid punched a teacher and strangled a younger student on the bus for no reason. There are so many more things I can say but this school is the worst one I've ever been to. Do Not Send Your Kid Here.
Feb 22, 2023

No support

They say teachers are there for support, but not one teacher has supported me. They care more about what you look like and what you wear rather than the education.
56 Beach Road, 4655, Pialba
Julie Learoyd
07 4194 3777

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