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Former Student
Oct 30, 2023

Mean kids!

Absolutely awful school! The kids here are awful and unkind! Many bullies and very hard to find nice kids and teachers do very little. On the other hand, very accepting of mental health and very good at working with my anxieties. Hard to learn in loud environment as many kids much around and distract you! Very poor environment for autistic child!
Sep 17, 2023


JC is inclusive and strives to become better, and I love it.

I absolutely love JC, I’ve been here since year 7 and it’s just such a brilliant environment to grow up in. I feel like if I wasn’t at JC I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I am forever grateful for that. The inclusive and comfortable environment where we are encouraged to be the best we can be, and embrace our differences is something I adore about John Curtin. I also like that when given advice on how to grow as a school, JC strives to continue working to be better. There is no hypocrisy there, and I believe that the honesty and work towards improvement can be reflected in the students. Although true, this is based off my personal opinion and experiences, my cohort, ect, so whilst I like to talk about the brilliance of my school, it may not have been the same for others, and I absolutely respect that. However I still personally love my experience at JC, and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to grow and become a better person in a place that reflects my values and still works to become better every day.
Jul 25, 2023

Music GAT

John curtin review

Good school for music gat but my music teacher said that one student sweared right in front of her face so if you want to go here you’re gonna need a tough skin.
Jun 14, 2023

Get rid of vape detectors

Would be 5 star but they put in choof detectors
Jun 10, 2023

Contemporary Dance

JCCA review

I am currently a student at JCCA, Year 7. There are heaps of activities like choir, clubs and more. As a Contemporary Dancer in the Dance program (Not ballet) we do have a decent amount of training like 4 hours a week and after school once a week (This all changes during rehearsal and performance season but it’s really good overall), while the ballet program is full on and doesn’t get a lot of performance time (there is one big performance of the ballet students - like this year is sleeping beauty). You start to go on pointe in term 2 of year 7 for ballet students and if you want the contemporary dancers can attend the after school which may put them on pointe (I’m not quite sure as I don’t attend). The school work is a-lot when you do a program but it’s much easier once you’re organised. Most teachers are really nice but that all depends on student opinion (in my opinion the HASS department has the nicest teachers). The environment is not the best due to the amount of swearing, fights, vaping and skipping class (I’ve never done any of that). Be aware that if you do come to JC you will have a great time but also some ups and downs. Student services is a fantastic place to talk about things, there’s also a school psychologist if need be. The school chaplain, Jeremy is a fantastic person to talk to and he also host the hockey club there as well. I don’t know a lot about the school as I’m only a year 7, but so far it’s been a fantastic journey compared to my time a primary school. It’s a big step going from primary school to high school but you will definitely find your people/friends and they may not stay the same through your time here, but that’s life. The transport to JC is really easy. The 915 bus from Bull creek station is the bus majority of the students go on( when you start have a test run so you know where to go), but others may take more then two buses to get there, or a different ones (cause they may live further away, there are also heaps of stops along the way to JC). The 502 is also another bus that stops close to the school but mainly Melville kids take that bus from Bull creek. I hope this helps any newcomers or parents.
May 30, 2023

John curtin isn’t a slay

This school is beyond rubbish I don’t feel happy coming here no fun camps or anything
Mar 21, 2023

GAT ballet

GAT ballet

I love the school and the community is great, but in GAT ballet having to stay there till 6pm after school really drains your energy. The training is great and maybe living closer to school would be different but travelling 2 hours to school and 2 hours back, getting home at like 8pm is not good for teens.
Former Student
Mar 21, 2023

Ballet GAT

Great, but way too many after schools.

I was previously in Ballet GAT, and recently just graduated. The overall training of the ballet program is awesome, but the staff push for way too many after schools. Some kids travel hours to Fremantle, but don’t get to leave school until 5-6pm everyday. I understand the input of 1-2 after schools, but there is no need for after school/extended class everyday, let alone Saturday classes.
Mar 11, 2023

Great scholarships average teaching

I love this school mainly for the scholarship program if they didn’t have these scholarships thought the school would be like any other fremantle school the teachers are pretty average but I have excelled in my program and I’m so greatful for it, even though at times it can be tough. I’ve had few teachers in the past I’ve struggled with as they assume you already should know the content but apart from that John curtin is really beneficial especially for those considering a future in the arts
Former Student
Feb 8, 2023

great school, but…

as much as i hate to say it, john curtin is a good school. the programs are great and provide underprivileged kids with opportunities to explore their talents; which has helped a lot of students over the years.
it’s too bad that their treatment of violently racist students and sexual assaulters is the same treatment they give to kids who are simply too loud in class.
Feb 5, 2023

john curtin doesn’t care at all

i was a student in 2018 until the middle of 2021 i left because the education was so poor and when i went to get extra support the teachers were rude and bothered by me always asking for help even tho it’s their job? i was also sexually assaulted on school grounds and continuously went to student services when they said they could do nothing about it
Feb 2, 2023

Musical Theatre GAT

Great School

Really great school, lovely faculty and campus! The GAT programs are great, but can sometimes be a lot of pressure combined with school, however, they are well worth it for the experiences and the close bonds you form with your team/cast. I was part of the Music Theatre GAT program and I made so many friends through it and developed my performance skills greatly.
90 Ellen Street, 6160, Fremantle
Mitchell Mackay
08 9433 7200

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