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Former Student
Dec 10, 2023


They have a really big bullying problem. They don't have enough teachers or staff and they only have excursions for the richer students who can afford to pay. All of the staff are always saying they don't have enough money.
They won't let students have access to the toilets and they make you do embarrassing things to use them if you couldn't get in because of the line was too long when they unlocked the toilet block.
Some teachers try really hard but most are emotional and scream at the students.
When I was there one of the autistic students there was beaten up in the toilets and videos of it went all over the internet and the staff treated him so badly while he was really scared saying he had to stop being disruptive. They suspended that kid because he was too scared to go to class with the bullyies threatening him and they told him to not tell anyone because it was illegal to tell. I can't ever go back there because they only look after their school staff reputation even if kids get hurt. It is the most depressing place I've ever been.
Jul 4, 2023

Great School

With the new build developments and stricter rules to stop vaping the school has become a great learning area
Jun 25, 2023

Maths, Human biology, Drama, English, Art, form ,directions, career and enterprise


I go to john forrest and Ive noticed my grades have sincerely improved. I'm in my last year and since I joined there has been a bullying problem a. If someone says something about someone a particular person, they will get hate till they leave weather or not it's true. I believe teachers like our deputy principal is corrupt and needs to be fired. She hates all the students and is just generally hateful towards each and everyone and doesn't let us have a say. Schools are supposed to provide, protect, listen and help and this school is not a school I recommend. We specialise is cricket and I don't do a sport but I do other subjects no one likes which is probably why my grades are so good. I have friends who are so super smart and out grades are the best because no one is nice which makes it hard to connect with others. This school is lonely and sad. Join at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you x
May 12, 2023

JFSC sucks

John Forrest is not my happy place at the moment, people are not using the toilets appropriately and they graffiti on the toilets and on the walls around school I believe the school needs to change something about it because there are new year 7 students not even wanting to go to the bathroom bc they are that disgusting that is just so unfair
Apr 21, 2023

Maths, Science, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, Hass, English, Italian, Japanese, Home Economics, Physical Education, Health Studies.

John Forrest Secondary College Community

John Forrest Secondary College is represented by the first premier of Western Australia. Our college has 5 most important values to follow around our community. ICARE symbolises integrity, courtesy, aspiration, respect and endeavour. We have a variety of opportunities around our college for different learning areas. Our learning areas are Mathematics, Science, English and Hass as they are the main subjects, then it leads with Health and Physical Education, Languages and Arts, Technologies, Specialist Programs and Academic Programs. Specialist Programs are Cricket, Netball, Tennis and Music. Academic Programs are Bushrangers, Engineering Club, Drama Club, Asian Club, Breakfast Club and so on.....
We have the best student councils and best student services team.
Feb 23, 2023


Most teachers are horrible makes school horrible to go to only have few good teachers easy to make friends have teacher walking in and out the bathroom both male and female teachers in girl bathrooms
Feb 5, 2023

Truthful review

The school is okay. There are some great teachers and some really poor ones. The school has a vaping problem and locks their bathrooms during class time.

Some teachers are adaptive, lovely and very good at teaching, while others don’t follow the curriculum and are just terrible teachers.
Jan 31, 2023

Maths, Science, Cricket, Dance

My School

It is one of the most environment friendly school in the whole Australia. They have best and equally qualified and treated teachers and behaviour friendly students. There are 4 main academic programs: Cricket, Music, Tennis and Netball. We have our main subjects, Minor subjects and Extra-Curriculat Activities and subjects as well.
180 Drake Street, 6062, Morley
Melissa Gillet
08 9473 4000

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