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Former Student
Jul 3, 2023

The truth fr

Wanted to kms, food was scrumptious tho
Mar 12, 2023

Don't do it.

This school is absolutely disgusting. They do not care for a student's mental health and only constitutes their value by either popularity or grades. They refuse to take any sort of action to, for example, stop a student from being bullied unless there's a physical confrontation (fight), even if there are suicidal ideas in the mind of the child, they'll simply recommend you get a therapist and that's it. The school is extremely homophobic and transphobic yet try their best to show that they're "diverse".
Every so often the school sends out surveys asking students how they can improve the school and within about 4 questions I wrote a total of 1669 words outlining as many of the issues as I could without writing the next Harry Potter series. All in all this school sucks and if you send your kids here, they'll hate you. Like, literally despise you. They will beg you every single day to transfer them and if you truly love your kids, you would.
Mar 12, 2023

kedron culture stfu

only cares about the uniform
giving out detentions for un tucked shirt and shit
doesn’t even let you wear jewelry
always talking about the kedron culture like what culture?? Like your forcing us into a conservative school that only cares about their looks man
if kshs wants a diverse student community
let us express ourselves for gods sake
Former Student
Feb 27, 2023

Messed up priorities and power complexes.

Student given a slap on the wrist a.k.a. 7 day suspension for sexual harassment hidden under wraps from other students and parents, ended up reoffending. Meanwhile you'll be harassed by staff for not wearing a hat or having the wrong socks.

Middle and upper school management had a sadistic urge to humiliate and degrade students, showing a complete lack of empathy when talking down to students and making shows out of assemblies to "enforce uniform policies", rolling a random student to stand up in front of everyone during assemblies to "display their uniform". Absolutely appalling behaviour knowing both I and many friends in my grade have social anxiety. Need to get their priorities straight.
Former Student
Feb 18, 2023

Kedron sucks 👎

I got suspended for telling someone to piss off while they’re friend filmed themself following my friends and I with a knife, smh
Feb 8, 2023

Generally a great school

Generally it is a great school with great students and teachers, there is the occasional poor teacher who might be a little bit personal with girls and the boys bathrooms are a constant issue but majority of the school is pretty good and I’d recommend it to just about anybody

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