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May 29, 2024

Bullying is condoned

Student services are supposed to support students yet they are a bunch of egotistical female bitches.
Teachers are useless and if you ask for help they won’t help you.
It’s okay for the girls to bully boys and spread viscous rumours but when the boy who is being bullied retaliates they are punished and the girls get off Scott free.
Ms Naidoo and Ms Celenzia oh and let’s not forget the new photography teacher Meghan Cassidy what pieces of work. Nasty bunch.
Don’t go to this school unless you want to see your happy child become withdrawn and depressed . Bunch of arseholes.
Mar 7, 2023

Pretty Good

Lots of support, fantastic teachers in my experience.
Feb 24, 2023

Kent Street Senior High School

Personally, Kent Street has been good to me, I've gotten to know some amazing people and have been taught by some really good Teacher's, but, there are also quite a few flaws. For example, their lack in understanding and adapting to their students needs and inability to keep certain groups of students, staff members, and teacher's, in line. Though the school is undergoing changes throughout the system and its physical appearance which is adding a nice touch, though some places that aren't being renovated clearly need more care and attention than the new white walls, and now vibrant blue floors as well as hundreds of sandstone blocks that will likely wither and decay in a few years time. Fixing the pool and possibly adding new shaded or weather secure seating for the students to sit would probably be more efficient and easily welcomed by them.
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

The aviation if filled with favourism

It's shit

It's shit save yourself some time the teachers are sexist towards girls and racist towards indians
Feb 2, 2023

Fashion & Design

Ksshs review

Good school, mostly good teachers. Good amount of subjects per day, 5 periods 1 hour each, outside of class everything is easy along as no one does anything to you because if you report bullying or harassment they won't do anything about it, maybe 1 detention but that's all, inside class most teachers help when u need it others will tell you that you shouldve listened when they explained it. Specialist courser including CoRE, Fashion & Design, Aviation and cricket, Ive been in Fashion & Design since year 7 and good opportunities and experiences although almost all cost money excluding the $100 fee just to be in the program.
89 Kent Street, 6101, East Victoria Park
Kate Wilson
08 9262 0500

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