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Oct 16, 2023

Kingston high

Been made fun of by the teachers, followed around even into the bathrooms (it’s weird stop it) locked the doors to the outside in the bathrooms so if a fire was to happen (which it did) you wouldn’t be able to safely exit and would have to walk through smoke. Been harassed in grade 7 and was told “you’ll get over it” didn’t give a shit. Stopped going to school for a bit because i was so physically and mentally scared. Chase you around if you have sleeves underneath your clothes (do you want to see my arms? Weird) can’t wear clothes you feel comfortable in but the lgbtq community can wear whatever because they don’t want to seem like they’re “being homophobic” been threatened to be suspended becasue we touched the gay flag but didn’t give a shit when we touched the other ones. Made us watch a video about the yes vote and quote on quote said “you guys cannot vote but you can tell your parents to vote yes” not only is it not my business it’s also not yours. Got sent to what they called “reset room” because i apparently said something to a teacher and missed out on the lesson which told us what we were doing for an inquiry then found out that i had not said that. Was chased around by teachers who made it sound like i was a prisoner escaping just because i didn’t feel comfortable being excused from something i didn’t do. The one star is physically for the quit teacher, only one who cares. Don’t bother sending your kids to this school unless you want them being suicidal. Call your parents and say that you have done something which actually didn’t happen. Got so obviously they were lying my parents started realising i wasnr doing anytbing. Also going back to the bathrooms, i can go when i need to, stop counting how many times i go in, how long I’m in there for, and don’t you dare come in there when we are minors who are either changing or going toilets. Don’t even get me started on Pe, had a teacher in grade 7 who gave me ptsd and wasn’t even able to hear her voice without being scared. Made you weigh yourself in front of everyone. Made my friend do high jump just after breaking his arms. Made a girl do it when she forgot to put on shorts underneath her dress and everyone saw her underwear. I know this is very long but i need people to see this as well as hopefully tecahers. You cannot teach, you’re horrible “role modles” and i will not let you treat me like your kid, i am here to learn not to be chased around because I’m wearing sleeves. Stop being weird.
May 10, 2023


bad school horrible teachers horrible learning
May 3, 2023


school is so boring i almost shit myself everyday
Mar 20, 2023

kingston high school tasmania

been verbally abused by teacher, doesn’t matter though because there’s “always a reason to be screamed at” teachers feel the need to embarrass you in front of everyone, calling you out, name calling and it’s all just “a joke” creepy as teachers- had to leave school for a bit because of the nightmares i was having about my main teacher, apparently been suspended from school for perving on girls - was made clear is wasn’t an “apparent” thing and was real from the result of it happening to my friends. you don’t learn what the “australian curriculum” says you have to- more just learn the same thing over and over again but not actually learn because teachers don’t actually help. 2 stars because of the quit smoking teacher, he makes everyone feel incredibly safe and provided a spot to go if you feel angry in class or need a break. pe is a thing to shame the ‘unfit’ wouldn’t go to school the day i had pe for becasue i was scared. made us weigh ourselves in grade 7- traumatic experience 3 or so good teachers in the school. news flash for educators - even if we hate a subject, having a good teacher who you get along with really does help having a bad teacher = angry students
Former Student
Mar 16, 2023

Kingston High School Tasmania Review

Horrible, shit-hole. Almost everyone that attended wanted to kts. They don’t care about mental health at all, they do nothing about bullying but blame the victim. Do no go here unless your looking for a death wish.
6 Kingston View Drive, 7051, Kingston
Libby Robinson
03 6283 1222

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