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Sep 6, 2023

shockingly bad school

i attended this school and graduated in 2022, and i went through hell at this school, the teachers dont care about your mental health and push you so hard to fail, i hope its gotten better since i went there, and i hope mrs lloyd and mrs chandler have retired...
Sep 2, 2023

shit school

Shit school do not recomend.
Aug 25, 2023

Lesmurdie sucks.

tTerribke school, the teachers are terribke
Jul 23, 2023

lesmurdie high

bloody kimmy that’s all i have to say
Jul 3, 2023

High school

👎 Not the best

The school only cares about you if you receive exemplary marks. Otherwise they push your goals aside and pressure students into pathways they don’t want just so the school can have ‘better’ Atar average
May 29, 2023

Let kids be kids

Let the kids wear there own shorts to school the uniforms so expensive and your the only public school in the area that has a problem with it, you need to let the kids be kids
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

Mental health should matter

As someone who struggles with mental health this school does everything it can to make it worse.

In year 7 I was pushed down the schools stairs by year 12s and a teacher saw and did nothing when I reported the incident to Mr Surgeon he said, "well maybe don't go to canteen then" instead of addressing the bullying, they continue to take photos of me, throw food and everytime I addressed it over again and again with even my mother there all they did was blame it on me since I was a bit heavier.

By year 9 I was really struggling with my mental health and I was placed into hospital because of it, they rang my mum 6 times harassing her about where I was. I ended up only going to school 2 times a week and leaving half way through 2nd period because I was so drained, the teachers were all older and had very political views, they were either racist, sexist or homiphobic. And I would watch my other peers drop out by year 10 because of this, there was a incident with my friend who struggled with self harm and her scars were healed and it was over 56 degrees and the teacher refused to turn on the air-conditioning so she was left to take off her jacket, the teacher assistant came over and made jokes straight to her about her scars calling her an attention seeker and then made fun people mental health, her name was Mrs Fisherman. Everyone I knew or had her hated her because she would be extremely rude, make sly comments to students.

I could go on and on about this school, but I won't, for your child safety and mental health, please prioritise it, I have years of trauma and rage from that school I still can't let go. My education was placed 2nd and my appearance was put first, if I didn't look presentable that's all they cared about, they don't have steady career paths for you, they don't have a learning environment, and the principal Mrs Lloyd is a green eyed woman. Not only did she make me feel less of person but she treated me like an animal.
21 Reid Road, 6076, Lesmurdie
Kerry Chipchase
08 9291 1200

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