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Mar 24, 2023

Thankyou for listening

To sum it up, the schools dead. The principals of the school are trying to hard to be like the wealthy perth schools but are doing it in a regional west Australian town with much less money meaning it just doesn’t work. The teachers are ok except for a couple. The vibe given off at school now in comparison to 3-4 years ago is regimented and unnecessarily strict and the school needs to take a think about what the school actually needs, not what they feel would make them more like others. Also drop the canteen price it’s rediculous.
Mar 19, 2023


Absolutely the WORST school there, all the teachers and rude and don’t care about anyone but themself, I HIGHLY suggest not to come here you’ll regret it more than anything in life. The children are all out of control and bullies, the constant judging and use of drugs is insane, I can’t believe no one notices the amount of drug usages during the day, sometimes teachers go into the toilets to check for vapes and never catches anyone cause everyone’s too smart for that, the school work is not useful and the ways the teachers teach are HORRIBLE. Save yourself your childhood and chose a different school !!!
Mar 18, 2023


Overall very poor organisation skills, and their way of handling some situations is absolutely atrocious. Many of the teachers are amazing and really care about providing a good education, however just as many only care about the money involved and are too old to be teaching. The canteen is very expensive as they cannot afford school diaries, or even school uniforms and many students cannot get them because the school has no supply to buy. The uniforms are also designed around the typical males physique and are not always suitable for females, which is an issue because there are consequences to not wearing uniform even in cases like this. Many of the departments are underfunded, like cooking for example. This is also the only high school in the area, and it is overcrowded with students. Overall it’s about a 4/10 school depending on what attributes you look at.
Mar 17, 2023


It’s an amazing beautiful school I love it so much ( help me they are holding my family hostage)
Feb 22, 2023


It's pretty jazzy, I've had loads of opportunities, and many of my peers that went to private schools came back because they found the education at this school just as much. The school definitely tends to focus financially on the sports and science departments more than others, but I feel like that's the case with most schools. Loads of resources are also pooled into the student services, focusing on mental health and such, which is great! But there is an obvious hierarchy to the school, meaning it doesn't feel like much of a community.
The school also has a proper caterer, meaning the canteen provides plenty of great food.
Feb 22, 2023


Not very organised, Need to get feminine uniform options for girls ( Especially the shorts) need to fire all teachers that are too old that can’t teach. New english’s and hass teachers.
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Andrew Host
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