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Jun 8, 2023

Teacher concerns

It’s an exceptional school for learning, ATAR, in most ways; it’s clean and very presentable.
However, some of the teachers are extremely disrespectful and some are really not good teachers and due to the “young adult ethos”. They expect children to already know what they’re literally in the class to learn, and therefore don’t teach anything and get frustrated they don’t know what they haven’t yet been taught. My daughter’s human bio class’ average is 40%. She’s top 10 in every one of her ATAR classes except human biology which she’s failing; and the teachers refuse to let her swap or drop the class, which she has been trying to do since their very first test.
While i acknowledge a lot of teachers at Mindarie Senior College are fabulous and focused on their student’s education, a lot of them are not which is extremely frustrating to see.
Jun 6, 2023

Love it

Beautiful school, it not only looks good but teachers actually enjoy working there making them more enthusiastic towards students overall creating a good vibe. Students keep to themselves and rarely any bullying occurs. they care a lot about mental health and have lots of solutions to making you feel better. their uniforms are super comfortable but still look united. your allowed to leave the school during break time and you get Wednesdays off! It’s amazing and i can’t wait to graduate with them
Former Student
Mar 18, 2023

Teachers and students.

Teachers were very disrespectful to certain students. They would treat them badly infront of other students and teachers. If your lucky enough to be the ones the teachers like mindarie will be a great place. But if your unlucky you will just get treated horribly. I was a nearly straight a and well behaved student at my old school and the behaviour from teachers and students was inexcusable. They ended up pushing me out of school by the end of year 11. I would recommend the school but if your one of the unlucky ones I'd recommend leaving asap as the school is definitely not for you.
Former Student
Mar 9, 2023


good school

i loved this school the teachers made it better
Feb 13, 2023

Mindarie is good for people who want to learn

As a student in my second year at MSC I am happy to say this school is great for people who want to perform. Great teaching staff and the freedom to study what you please is amazing. If you want to take full advantage of the great facilities for a public school then teachers fully facilitate this, encouraging freedom with how you choose to learn is a great way to teach.
14 Elliston Parade, 6030, Mindarie
Janice Sander
08 6207 5500

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