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Jun 23, 2023

Needs to change

Cares more about students uniform than their well-being, mental health and teaching. Students that are capable of doing well in harder subjects (e.g Methods or Science) are encouraged not to so the school can keep a higher atar, meaning less opportunity for the girls when they graduate. School lacks focus on academic nurturing yet so much pressure is put on the students to put school before their mental health.
Former Student
Jun 17, 2023

Don’t send your kid here

Teachers don’t care about students, they ridicule kids and care more about uniforms and phones than edication
May 29, 2023

A rant on the problems of this school

Got given for not wearing a blazer while walking onto my school bus, was given this detention by a teacher that has yelled at me in the past for asking where assignment material was. She infact forgot to put it online.
Teachers care more about hats and makeup than vapes and bullying. Two of my friends moved schools because of bullying. Maybe that's why they fired the last principal, although the current one doesn't do much.
Teachers are powerhungry and underpaid, they are overloaded and yet find the time to critique students for 'being to emotional' because they are stressed and overloaded. But God forbid you talk to the councelers who say your problems are not big enough for therapy.
I had a teacher that shoved a student to the back who was crying, why? Because the teacher was 'busy' busy talking about her personal life.
Do the teacher-aids provide any support? No, they are the same level of power hungry except they don't need to do any of the work.
The only good thing would have to be 'the wonderful teaching'. Of which there is none. 'study rooms' are just glorified detention, detention is just homework time, and free time, there is none of.
I did the math, and if the lessons were just two minutes shorter we could have actual studdy with friends. But no, the TC's or popular girls would ruin it with there gaggaling, just like they ruin the nice teachers. Pushing the teachers to the brink then labelling the teachers as 'horrible' or 'perverted'. Although if the TC's spent anytime not chewing gum they would know it's actually hebephillia.
Sorry for having this be so long.
They also don't have AC in laverna block.
Mar 19, 2023

Idk.. honest review

Don’t get me wrong, lovely school. But so many rules now being enforced. I should be able to wear my sport uniform home if I have it last period! Teachers kinda ok, some are great tho. I feel like the school cares more about students grades then their well-being. Like grades > mental health. Get more counsellors
Feb 21, 2023

Don’t make your children go here

All the teachers care about is if you have makeup or jewellery o. They go around with makeup wipes forcing students to remove anything on their face. There is clear bias of religions. I u d’état and that is a catholic school, but the way they speak about other religions is unacceptable
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

Mount Alvernia Kedron

Attending Mount Alvernia was a welcoming start with the previous staff and learning coordinators but as time progressed on and we lost these people the school lost its sense of community, alongside the value that all forms of teaching should be encouraged. The school lost the respect of many students, such as myself. A system I once valued were my idea of my education was prioritised was lost to staff who thought the image of the school was more important than the future of its students. The Arts and Humanities were once encouraged, now under the leader ship of new staff and a new principle this has sadly been lost. The importance of a child choosing their own subjects to study for their future is not encouraged or let alone permitted by this new outlook. When having a meeting with any of the learning coordinators at Mount Alvernia students are persuaded to abandon their personal ideals for their education and are coerced into subjects that the school (principal) believes that if students achieve well in will make the school seem more academically successful. Subjects such as Maths and Science and it’s various levels are believed by the school to be “better” than Humanities, Art, Sports, Languages and English Subjects as students who perform well in the desired topics are objects to show off for more students to enrol. This tactic may work but students are not pursuing futures they really want and are therefore loosing that right through this new system. There is no respect for an individual’s ambitions nor their beliefs, as they are considered not suitable subjects of interests as they don’t benefit the school. They claim they continue this system as it gives students better outcomes for there future and it may do. But in doing that a students desires for their own future is devalued which is not acceptable. As a student you choose what you love most and are successful at to study to ensure yourself a happy and successful future, Mount Alvernia does not respect this belief.
82 Cremorne Road, 4031, Kedron
Kerrie Tuite
07 3357 6000

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