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Oct 13, 2023

mount lawley shs

the school is actually so bad, the education here is average, nothing much i guess, but the teachers and students are on another level. don’t get me wrong, i like some of the teachers there but my word, some of them are not suited for teaching at all. they literally send emails home for petty reasons such as being two minutes late to class, saying something to their friend that wasn’t related to the subject and teacher, walking in a group of more than five friends, sitting in the bathroom for more than two minutes, wearing ‘heavy’ make up, and etc. probably half the the kids there get trash grades, not because they’re dumb or anything but because the teachers cannot teach for life, they will put up a powerpoint with 16 dot points and some 8-bit diagram and expect students to copy it all down within the span of a minute and 45 seconds. not only do they make incredibly boring powerpoints, half the time they stray from the actual topic and yap on about their lifetime and how, “never in my 17 years of teaching have i ever ___”.

if teachers are unable to get students attention or effectively discipline them rationally, they might as well not teach. they put in all this ‘effort’ yet the class is still unengaged and have low grades to which the teacher blames the class for. maybe if you actually tried surveying the class to see what they want to do or how they learn more effectively, they’ll pay attention more and actually do better in your own class. some of the teachers here are actually very sweet though and i love them with my heart, but the others need to learn how to take a student’s advice and improve on their class instead of sulking about it and punishing the entire class. there is little to no need to embarrass students or keep an entire class in just because one or two students did something wrong.

the students in this school aren’t any better, they’re obnoxious, they make fun of others for god knows what reason, they throw things at teachers and other students just because they think they’re ‘better’. they vape, drink, do drugs (students at literally every school does this), they threaten you and start idiotic fights for no reason and have little to no respect for anyone around them.

even then, students like them will throw around slurs and not a single teacher would bat an eye, but once they hear a fart noise come from the ‘class clowns’ they start going off at the entire class.

also students at this school identify as literal animals. there was an entire petition to have litter boxes installed into the toilets because of students like them and it’s disturbing to hear, i understand you can identify as what you please but going to the lengths of identifying as rabbits or literal inanimate objects such as doors and whatnot are honestly out the window. they also bark at people, wear cat ears and tails and show uncomfortable amounts of PDA. if they’re allowed to wear cat ears and tails why can’t other students wear caps, hoodies or beanies? some students can’t afford to purchase a long sleeved shirt, and the prices run from $24.00 for a simple thin, long sleeved shirt from the school website. students wear beanies to keep them warm and it’s not that big of a deal.

overall i wouldn’t let my kids attend this school, but it’s your choice 🤷
Apr 30, 2023

Hell on earth

If I could give zero stars I would, this school is hell on earth. Only a handful of good teachers the rest do not care about the students. The canteen is 10/10 though
Mar 7, 2023


The school gives students lots of opportunities and has very good programs. Good location as well, as they have a lot of bus stops within a ten minute walk and some right next to the school. Some teachers are really amazing and some not so, the experience at the school also changes based on your year group, they can really make or break your school year. Gods school if your’e in the area.Canteen is very overpriced but they’re chicken tenders are GOAT.
Feb 26, 2023

Mt lawley Senier high school is a horrible school

Terrible school, they’re so strict on phones and shoes, but they don’t care about bullying, sone kid was bullied in our year to the point he killed hinself and like the school did nothing about it
Feb 8, 2023


Mount Lawley

The school is overall pretty good. Most teachers are good, apart from a few who need to pull their heads in when it comes to attitude, temper, and teaching skills in general. The school is generally pretty open to accommodate special needs however ADHD is widely ignored from my experience. There are lots of language options to do and a good art/music program. If drama is your thing, I’d suggest auditioning for the SVAPA program, otherwise you won’t learn much. I would highly recommend the SVAPA program for students interested in art, music and drama. The program sounds quite selective, however, put in the hard work, play to your strengths and trust yourself, you have a good chance of getting in. If the arts isn’t your thing, there are lots of clubs and programs available at Mount Lawley. Another thing about Mount Lawley that is good is that it is quite safe. Large fights are rare and I myself have never seen any drug/illegal activity in all my years there. You always have people to look after you.

Student services, however, could be better. It is helpful for those with issues that require them to have breaks from classes, but that is not the issue. If at any point at your time in Mount Lawley you need to see the school therapist, don’t. People without life-threatening problems rarely get seen to, and are often told to go seek help elsewhere. I understand the school therapist is busy, however, there are other ways to help the students asking for help that cannot be seen to. For example, find it somewhere in the budget to hire another therapist. The students are clearly struggling with mental health enough to be able to identify that they are struggling and need help. I had someone I know who needed to see the school therapist, and they said it didn’t help in the slightest. Everything they said was reported straight back to home, which angered their parents, making their toxic household even worse for them. The school may not have been aware of the situation, however, they should be more careful with the information they share and to whom they share it with. My advice would be to not bother with the therapist (provided that you have access to help outside school).

That aside, Mount Lawley is a generally good school, and is home to a wide variety of people.
65 Woodsome Street, 6050, Mount Lawley
Lesley Street
08 9265 1500

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