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Jun 21, 2024

Worst school I have been to and

Crap school, crap teachers who are unprofessional. for example I have an art teacher who referred to older kids art as genitalia. Most maths teachers are unqualified. Some teachers are just pervs and the campus is unhygienic and grotty with hair stuck in the drains. This is the worst school I have been to and can keep their own rules in place. Majority of teachers are ignorant and rude VERY BAD SCHOOL.
Former Student
Jul 3, 2023

Drained my mental health

I won't even be able to share every bad thing this school has done to me and my peers but I'll give the highlights. We receive so much pressure to perform well in all our subjects but are refused any actual mental health assistance, instead they pin our very valid stress on us as if we are lying about. They let people get off with no punishments for bullying and harassment and even punish the victims. If you're a queer, POC, disabled or otherwise minority student there will be teachers and staff that do not respect you and they are heavy on the microagressions. They segregate the "smart" and "gifted" students from everyone else and instead of giving the non gifted students more help to learn they give so much extra support to the kids who already are at an advantage. This only discourages the "dumb" kids to not do their hardest because they know they'll never get the opportunities like the smart ones.

My only positive about this school is some of the teachers. The majority of the regular teachers (especially the ones under ~35) are some of the most lovely people you'll ever meet but they too are dragged down by the system the school runs on.
Jun 19, 2023

Mackellar is a good school (If you are in the academic program)

Mackellar is an ok school. However, students who are in the academic program are favourites. There are a series of days in the year where they go on fun excursions which they call 'enrichment days'. During this time, mainstream students are not allowed to learn any new content so the academic kids don't miss out. This is very frustrating when we have tests coming up and want to revise with our teacher. Non-academic kids are also given VA teachers for science and commerce teachers for geography. Without the expertise of subjects, we mainstream students don't have the support we require to do our best as our teachers don't know what they are teaching. The discrimination against 'the dumb kids' continues at the end of the semester when students are given out personal best awards. Students who do not receive these are told that they have not tried hard enough and that they must do better next time. This is extremely down-putting as they are assuming they have not tried. So Mackellar is a good school (If you are in the academic program).
Mar 16, 2023

dont go here xx

they dont care about your learning or mental health, but claim they do. they only care about your appearance as im sure everyone’s aware about how they refused to let some yr 10s graduate/get their name called out on stage because of their NAILS. im literally 13 and in year 8 and i know better than these 40-50 year olds. bffr do better
Mar 15, 2023


great beautiful school made a lot of friends but it is shit
Former Student
Feb 28, 2023

WORST SCHOOL mackellar girls campus

worst school, almost abusive.
the principle and one of the deputy’s has actual psychological issues. it’s a prison, they do not care about students well being or mental health. don’t ever go there please you will regret it, i’ve never met anyone who likes it there
Feb 13, 2023

Mackellar girls campus review NBSC mackellar

Mackellar girls is a very strict school for it being public. being at this school has not only made me, but a lot of other students return home to be drained and tired. the school doesn't let us express ourselves and cares more about how it looks than the mental and physical state of the students. i have generalised anxiety and being at school heightens that to a great extent.
138 Abbott Road, 2099, Manley Vale
Christine Del Gallo
02 9905 3982

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