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Apr 30, 2023


Horrible. Principal is useless as she doesn't actually dokie up with any of your concerns. Uniform is sexist and should include a warm pants option for females. School has high rates of suicide, low mental health and bullying and they do not fix any of this. No memorials at all for students who have passed. etc.
Former Student
Apr 29, 2023

shit school

this school is fucking bullshit. the teachers don't care about the students, they don't care about their mental well-being. they cover their arses by making the school look good and the outside. but on the inside, the teachers here should not he teacher. the amount of kids being bullied with nothing hankering is insane. the amount of suicides because of this school is insane. do. not. enroll.
Mar 17, 2023

Most truthful review

Shit school, subjects and opportunities are good, teachers are good, students are assholes tho and they have no privacy in bathrooms and don't do anything about bullying.
Fix ur fucking schools.
Mar 11, 2023

For the safety of your children don’t send your kids here

The school cares more about what it looks like than the students education. There have been many hate crimes and the individuals who did the violent acts were not punished. The staff care more about the colour of the students socks than they do about their mental health, there have been four suicides in the past two years alone, the school offered free counseling for anyone affected but that was only after one of the students deaths, the principal had an assembly and blamed the students of one of the deaths, multiple teachers have said racial slurs, one was caught on film and the students were told to delete the video. There’s been multiple student reportings of teachers that have made females student uncomfortable (looking up there skirts and in one case a male teacher went into the girls change rooms even after a girl said she was still changing). Most staff have no respect for their students. The staff also stereotype the students, there is an advanced class and most teachers have said the phrase; “You are Academic Achievers you should know better” while the students were being just as or even less rowdy as the mainstream class. There’s not a lot of accessibility for people who need wheel chairs (most of the buildings are levitated) and all of the handicapped bathrooms are being used as storage rooms. There are also windows in the doors to the bathrooms and got rid of the privacy wall so there’s no privacy anymore and anyone can look in, not the best when there’s multiple student reported pedophile staff members. There is a rumour going around that phoenix hired the pedophile from Ballarat high, but I hope that’s not true.
Former Student
Mar 4, 2023


Bad school, lack of facilities, oppressive, unsupportable
Mar 1, 2023

Horrible school

Horrible. Was denied my medication I need daily by teachers. The principal brushed off our concerns and did nothing. The amount of suicides and bullying here is insane. There was a girl with diabetes. And she started seizing (unconcious) and the teacher stood there and did nothing. Students had to help her as teachers were useless. Her parents pulled her out and sent her elsewhere.
Feb 21, 2023

year 11

we love phoenix

i’m a student at phoenix and it is no worse than any other school at phoenix we benefit from great education opportunities and are given a wide variety of learning opportunities. the school has suffered losses of students but that was something that they couldn’t help. i enjoy my time at phoenix as well as the peers with me. we are just as good as any other school and we get the same opportunities and phoenix students go far in life. i am proud to represent the phoenix brand
Former Student
Feb 21, 2023

Not recommend

A lot of teachers shouldn’t be working with kids. Most of the stuff we learn will never be needed again.
Former Student
Feb 14, 2023

Phoenix p-12 college

Absolutely terrible the amount of suicides that were due to bullying that came out of this school is just wrong, half of the teachers don't care about the kids education and bullying
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