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Aug 30, 2023

My experience with red Cliffs secondary.

The school it self is quite nice the same goes for a few teachers as well. But not much work gets done. As there are more than 15% of the teachers that don't do their job properly. For example my P.E teacher who will not be named, doesn't have the understanding of sensory & sound issues. And whenever a female student has period pains he simply ignores it and tells them to carry on. As for one of my english teachers who will also not me named. She lets the class do whatever they want with no consequences for their actions. For example, the kids in class could be running around screaming and she would do nothing. She would even rather have conversations in class then actually do her job and teach the students. And about half of the teachers never do anything about bullying. Except the year level coordinator.
Former Student
Jul 10, 2023

Shit school does nothing about anything

Such a shit school, teachers notify you on events too late to get ready for them, I was in a class when a teacher called my mate the n word had no principal for 2 years+ don’t do jack shit bout bullying but suspend you if your trying to protect yourself in a fight can’t even make reasonable requests about class work without being yelled at, I got sent out of a class in year 9 for answering a question which was “how was your day” and I responded with “terrible” the whole schools a joke and theres a teacher every day who sits just down the road in a red Honda smoking a pack a day, almost every teacher is late to their class and has some sorta thing associated with like one teacher was a perv one smoked weed with kids some seem like their on crack kicking their shoes off, the list goes on so long story short don’t fucking go here
Mar 4, 2023

Red cliffs secondary college sucks

It fucking sucks there are racist teachers one called my black friend a “snigger” and got away with it, there aren’t enough teachers to teach extra curricular subjects so there aren’t enough choices for kids future, the school stinks of shit all day everyday there are broken air conditioners, im in year 9 and the bubble taps have been “fixed” with duct tape and have been broken since before I even went to high school and students who need extra attention don’t get the extra attention they need they just keep going to the next grade and when they reach year 12 the school complains that they aren’t “smart enough” to graduate that happend to my brother and my friends brother and there is no principle We have one of the coordinators as “acting principle“ and they complain about girls wearing leggings and or short shorts but the boys wear short football shorts and take their shirts off during sport or lunch, when I was in year 7 I got into a fight at the start of the year I only got 1 day suspension and the girl I got into the fight with got a whole week suspension and if your a kid who has trouble following instructions and listening to teachers you just get sent home or suspended so they don’t have to deal with you, there is a perverted teacher who said “the girls shorts distract me” and one boy and girl yelled at him for it and they got into trouble for it and that same teacher said “she is just a number” MULTIPLE TIMES, there was a teacher who used to smoke weed with students and my sister caught him smoking in his car at school. There is so much more but I can’t even think of it right now. -ruby Mayger Pollock
55 Fitzroy Avenue, 3500, Red Cliffs
David Browne
03 5024 1522

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