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Sep 6, 2023



so it was a normal day, i woke up, deadass tired, obv i walked my ass to school, cuz im forced to, or ill go to jail, and THEN, i found, i dildo in my ass in english, it was stuck up there REAL good, the principal told me to suck it up- so i let it go further up
Jun 15, 2023

school experience

horrible experience people are poor quality very ratty not including me I deserve to be a private school with clean bathrooms but no they confiscated our bathroom mirrors so I want now how am I meant to look at my beautiful face.
Jun 7, 2023

Wtf is this

Can't even call this a school it's that shit
Former Student
May 8, 2023

Bad mental health support

The school doesn’t give good support to students that have diagnosed mental health problems or that are neurodivergent
Former Student
Mar 18, 2023

Shit zone

I got bashed everyday, no teacher fucking helped me. I had to call the police, I was left with mental health problems. I got sent home everytime I walked into student services. It's such a shit school, if you want to keep your mental health don't go there. All programs are shit, I had two teachers out of three years I was there for that have a fuck about your education.
Feb 18, 2023

Suck ass high school

I’m not even gonna start in this school. Who lets ya hers blackmail students and humiliate them infront of a class?! And then the child who had a complaint about it get introuble. Make it make sense
Feb 16, 2023

It’s not the best

Not bad but not great. Some teachers are really good at teaching and others literally give you a text book and just sit there. Facilities are nice. Toilets are an issue only one is open throughout the school day so you have 150 people tryna get into a toilet with 4 stalls. Soooo helpful especially for us girls at “that” time of the month. Principle we never see him unless your in trouble. It’s an ok school def not the best. Has a gate around the school that gets locked during the day which stops people from leaving and getting in. The canteen is crap the food is disgusting and the menu needs to be changed. The canteen took away all the good food and drinks.
15 Read Street, 6168, Rockingham
Stan Koios
08 9527 0300

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