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Former Student
Jul 28, 2023


absolutely horrible. for context i’m apart of the LGBTQ+ community and my journey attending this school was nothing short of hell. everyone including teachers and students aren’t particularly accepting of difference and tend to encourage uniformity. as a teen in your early stages of development this is detrimental to one’s mental and physical heath. the use of religion is used to belittle minorities and project hate which in my opinion skewers the real meaning and purpose of a religion. the education is up to par but they tend to focus on the upper end of kids while leaving the others to struggle. there have also been many instances where numerous teachers have either gotten too close to children or made children uncomfortable and when brought to a advisors attention nothing was done to resolve or fix the issues.
Jun 10, 2023


shit school dont go there👍
May 24, 2023

my honest review

As a student rosebank, isnt the best. the students are horrible, the environment is so toxic. i know many people who have been harrassed so much they leave the school, and the only thing the staff do is sit them down give a talk and give a detention sometimes. the education is the only reason i personally havent left the college. if you are anything other than "pretty, skinny, perfect, funny" you get harrased. especially for queer kids. The extent that the kids give you grief for being different is absolutely disgusting. nobody does work in class and everyones focused on sneaking their phones in their pocket, and making themselves queen bee. i hate going to school wvery single day and there is no breaks. kids screm slurs and write rude things on the lockers directed to people, and they stay visiable. theres also a common fight, sometimes physical. im always hearing "oh did you hear these people got into a fight again". but the worst fights are online. people take pictures, like its paparatzi and post them saying things like 'ew look at * " there is no break. they then get posted online and what can the school do? nothing other than a year meeting. but oh its made your sotuation worse because the mids target you more. this isnt my year only its every year ive spoken to. the college is great the kids are the problem. unless your cut out for intense unessissry drama, i recommend. dont get me wrong the teachers and education is amazing. the support for kids with learning problems are amazing. its just hell, if anything about your personal life is said. things dont die down for a very, very long time.
1A Harris Road, 2046, Five Dock
Tom Galea
02 9713 3100

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