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Feb 20, 2024

lazy staff

The receptionist Sally has a I don’t care attitude, ask her everything she don’t know and don’t care.
Feb 7, 2024

Complaint Regarding Unprofessional Conduct of Cashier

I am writing to bring to your attention an incident that occurred at your school which left me feeling belittled and judged.

I have asked to split my payment. The cashier handling my transaction, however, displayed a level of unprofessionalism that I found quite disturbing. Their demeanor changed noticeably when I requested to split my payment, and their subsequent comments and actions made me feel as though I was being judged for my decision.

The cashier's behavior not only made me uncomfortable, but it also marred my experience. I believe that the method of payment should not influence the quality of service received. I felt belittled and judged, feelings which no one should experience.

I understand that everyone can have an off day, but I believe it is essential for all staff members to treat everyone with respect and professionalism, regardless of their personal opinions or biases. I hope you will address this issue with the cashier in question to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint. I trust that you will handle this matter appropriately. I look forward to a more positive experience on my next visit to your school.
Jul 7, 2023


teachers only like you when u reach year 10 and above, teachers r rude and do not give a damn about your education or wellbeing, amount of racism in that school is insane and you will not go one second without being judged or have comments based on the colour of ur skin, workload is insane and teachers do not help you or provide sufficient resources for your exams, many teachers r unqualified and biased which allows for SO MANY unhealthy and horrible learning environments as they let horrible people get away with horrible things which makes the other students fear classes and feel as if they r not able to participate, does not care about mental health and well-being of students
Jun 11, 2023

Teachers at Rossmoyne..

Old, falling apart classrooms. Teachers are under-qualified and stoic. Teachers do not care about student's wellbeing, teachers enforce rules and obedience only for certain students. Some of the programs are not terrible, however, my concerns for teachers rise increasingly each year.

One of the science teachers taught my child how to sign 'f____g a__hole' in Australian sign language. This is also the same teacher who, quote on quote stated that
'I am not racist if I hate you all equally', and 'she is mentally re___rded."

another teacher disregarded my child's scoliosis and other medical conditions, forcing her to do an activity despite having a medical note handed to her. And my child's inability to do so due to her condition, she was called 'lazy' and 'privileged'.
Feb 7, 2023

Under qualified educational institute

unfair and unhealthy teaching environment. old, poor classrooms, under qualified teachers.
Feb 2, 2023

Rossy High School 😨😨

I've been at the school since year seven and it's definitely had it's ups and downs.
Rossy does offer a pretty helpful transition program for the new year sevens at the start of every year, which helps students adjust to what they can expect over the year. Overall, it was boring for me personally, but I know it definitely helped some of my mates out.
The school also offers a lot of clubs and after school programs. Me, personally, I am part of the Bushrangers program, and it is the highlight of my experience here. It's a great, supportive environment where we can all let loose, be ourselves, and care for our nature.
We have a homeroom system, which can be helpful to get advice from older students, as our homerooms have students of all year levels, who don't change, so we have consistent homeroom, where we can create strong bonds with each other.
The GAT program here is what I'd expect it to be, nothing special. Though, we get many opportunities for cool activities like excursions, incursions, competitions and even exchange programs.
Teachers are nice, majority of the time, but there are some teachers who are extremely strict and don't treat us students with much respect . I remember an instance where a teacher called my best friend a "brownie," as he was dark skinned... Rather disappointing to see that the school has hired racists like these.
The canteen is a basic one, though the prices are quite high, for a really basic quality of food.
Our other classes are all interesting and engaging, though honestly, it all comes down to the teachers.
Thanks for reading my review, hope to see you here I guess..
Stay blessed out there 💪🏽
1 Keith Road, 6148, Rossmoyne
Milann Heberle
08 9235 1600

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