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May 27, 2023

Santa Sabina needs a Reality Check

Everybody is just so not helpful. Teachers slack on curriculum, barely help with any questions or concerns, teachers forget about whole CLASSES. Some teachers are ridiculing students for not knowing things, making the students feel horrible for the rest of the period. I know budgets are cut for everybody, but can we at least learn something helpful and useful? I am struggling to get past on a C, not to mention the burden of older siblings, and teachers always comparing you to them.

Most students lack manners, common sense and are just plain rude. I cannot count how many times that I have come home crying because of the pain of all the girls in my year. Disciplinary action is so not up to actual standards. Bullying, racism, gossip, and so much more gets allowed just with a slap on the wrist and nothing more. My sister, ( Former student ), was ridiculed online and through multiple text chains in her year, being bullied through texts and ending bad photos of her. All the punishment the pupils faced was an in-lunch detention. The punishment does not suit the crime.

Safety in our school is just appalling. They make a loop hole to not practice any drills by placing the drills before and after school, half of my year does not even remember the protocol that needs to be put into place for emergencies. Bathrooms are not issued with proper locks, you will need to hold the door, or get a friend to hold it for you. With male teachers all around the campus, who knows what will happen if left with a student. Classes have complained about creepy and gross teachers with inappropriate and indecent comments.

The facilities at Santa Sabina are filled with rubbish, mild, gunk, pests and dust. The school has a whole property department but none of them are appearing to do anything. Bathrooms have disgusting conditions with toilet paper and stains everywhere, disgraceful messages in the walls on the stalls and no cleaning even by request.

Food is absolutely just average. It is just something you would get at a diner when half the staff are drunk and asleep. It’s poorly constructed, tastes very weird and concerning amount of sugar and junk food that is stocked up to the shelves in the canteen. The prices, not to mention are absolutely unbelievable!
They put GAS STATIONS to shame. You could spend $20 on 3 things and that would be just snacks!

Overall, Santa Sabina is a school NOT to send your children to. Coming from a student, this is the truth behind the glossy brochures, nice websites, smiling faces and closed doors. No student is actually happy here.

I am still counting the days till graduation. I am so excited to leave this all behind.
Former Student
Apr 30, 2023

It is ok

This school is extremely bad for your girls to go to school. The environment and atmosphere students are exposed to is just disgusting. Senior students often make fun of junior students and racist comments are quite common. “She should go back to China”. The school also needs to control verbal abuse and physical abuse. I’ve seen many students harassing other students and the stuff that happens that u don’t see in the tour in countless. Don’t get fooled by the campus because all that sparkles there is not gold. However, teachers are quite supportive sometimes but their dealing with situations could improve. There are a range of co cirriculars to do at this school and a lot of activities. This is a great school for students who show talent in music and sports. Academically wise, it is just average.
Former Student
Mar 5, 2023

Through experience, dealing with bullying and racism is poor.

While my education was good, the school was quite awful when it came to dealing with bullying and racism. Often the school mentions that you should stand up for peers who are being bullied, you are to stand up for them. However in multiple instances those students who do stand up for others get into trouble and are told that “it’s not their responsibility”. I believe that the school does not prioritise the well-being of students in the right way, and does not hold any consequences over students that bully others or are racist.
90 The Boulevarde, 2135, Strathfield
Paulina Skerman
02 9745 7000

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