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May 16, 2023


Needs some serious work, teachers and kids are rude
May 16, 2023

South Oakleigh Secondary College

This school is the reason I am in therapy. rude teachers and staff, mean students, illegal activity, etc. The staff did NOTHING when being told about students bullying other students. They do not care about the well being of the students at this school, its honestly disgusting. Although the food is good and clean they have little to no vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, etc options. This is not okay especially because the school wants to show diversity? Does not seem like it to me. The teachers do not go into depth enough about subjects, it makes things very confusing and not understandable. We should be taking more time on certain subjects that are important for our future but, we do not.
Feb 22, 2023

Horrible place to be.

Look. At first glance, this school is professional and the facilities are fine. Dig in and you find depressed students, revolting cohorts, Bullying, sh*t-talking (constantly), discrimination, and so much more. Materials are lacklustre and staff is lazy. The good teachers are great, but the bad teachers make learning hell for anyone around them. As a person of performing arts, the arts centre is woeful. It’s the last place that they’ll ever put their very little funding. This school is money hungry and negative 100% of the time. Support is little to none, and all staff are two-faced and have a completely different personality to when they are around kids. They all seem to hate teaching so much. Yes, the kids at this school are awful, but teachers should not be taking it out on their students. Especially ones just trying to learn.
Uniform policies are so harsh and are very unhealthy. As most people have said, south Oakleigh cares more about socks than suicide. Lockers are tiny and are always so full, and very hard to keep organised. Work is set with unnecessarily high standards right from year 7.
This school gaslights students everyday into thinking that they are fine and that they are overreacting and being selfish. The environment here is toxic and uncomfortable to be in.
Everyone I know, and myself, hates this school and are fighting battles with their minds 24/7. This school needs help. Don’t send your child here. For their own sake.
Bakers Road, 3167, Oakleigh South
Helen Koziaris
03 9579 2322

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