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Jul 26, 2023

Terrible school

The teachers do not care about ur mental health and brush off bullying like it’s all a joke they assume that the way boys see the girls bodies is the girls fault when the boys need to take control of their mind
Former Student
Jun 27, 2023

cannot reccomend

on my very second day I was SA'd. this school has a very serious problem when it comes to SASH, over the course of the 3.5 years I was there more incidents of this happened. Each time the school would either do nothing or just make the person say sorry. I really liked some of the teachers and the subjects there but I'd like not having ptsd even more.
Jun 27, 2023

This school is... something to be sure...

This school refuses to properly assist the students who truly need it, whether that be academically, mentally, or physically. They're so obsessed with keeping up their private school "reputation" that they care not for the students that reside there themselves. On several occasions have they brushed off major issues within just to keep their reputation up and just say "we cannot say what we are doing about this problem due to student confidentiality" which in such situations, does not exist. It only "respects" the students who are already doing well from day one. From teachers that are ranging from pedophiles, to racists, to bigots, to flat out criminals, I would NOT recommend people send their kids to this school. All they seem to want is money and to keep up their public image.
Former Student
Jun 27, 2023

great place... if you like having paranoia and asshole admins

SA'd on my second ever day there. school refused to do anything about MULTIPLE sa/sh incidents with multiple guys dinging to me - some reoccurring. also downright refused to assist enforcing a personal protection order.
Mar 11, 2023

Don't even consider it

SFX tries so hard to be the best school academically that they don't actually care about their students wellbeing. Racist and rapist students AND TEACHERS walk the halls with no consequence while girls are getting suspended for their makeup and nails. Among the school values is quality pastoral care, however they do little to nothing when a student actually needs support. They do not accomodate students needs and create unsafe environment only aiming to produce top students. Would not recommend to anybody.
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

They’re obsessed with their reputation.

Some of the teachers were amazing and the quiet room helped so much but there’s just so much they swept under the rug to try and maintain their picture perfect reputation while TW rapists walk the halls without consequence.
Barnard Circuit, 2615, Florey
Paul Carroll
02 6258 1055

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