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Jul 1, 2023


so good! teachers are great and it’s a great environment to be in, very peaceful
Jun 12, 2023

Had potential, (some) teachers ruined it

The amount of bullying that occurs within this school is insane. You can tell teachers, report incidents but nothing will happen unless you take care of it yourself. Don’t worry, once you do that you’re punished because you didn’t do things ‘in a catholic manner’. Take one look into the bathrooms and you’ll see messages upon messages that people have left behind, only for the cleaners to cover it up. They’ll get rid of messages but not the large amounts of rubbish in the bathrooms or school grounds.

Being a private school, you’d expect the education to be decent. It’s not. They help students that may not be getting the best grades grow on the knowledge but refuse to extend on other kids knowledge and wonder why they start to fall behind. Specific faculties are really good, science, english but others are lacking (mathematics) by a lot (mathematics) and large reason is because of the teachers.

Taking about the teachers, some are really good. They show deep knowledge about their area of teaching, care and understand the students. Others don’t. They come in demanding respect while not giving it back or respecting students dignity. There’s so much I could rant about, good and bad but what’s the point?
Apr 21, 2023


the older teachers should be fired they’re so irritable and seem to enjoy screaming at kids when they don’t know the answer to a question about a topic they haven’t taught us yet also mr comensoli loved saying the n word
Former Student
Mar 12, 2023

Angry citezen

Only the young teachers are good the older ones are really bad and they get mad really quickly
Former Student
Feb 7, 2023

Garlic bread the only thing I will miss from this school

Don’t get me wrong some of the teachers at this school were amazing and so supportive; mainly younger teachers though. I felt like the older teachers at this school were just done, had no patience and were ready to retire. Sort of as if they were sick of it and hated children. Besides that the school is not set up to deal with teens who have Anxiety, depression, Autism, etc. anything which makes it difficult to return to school, they’re not helpful with. They set up meeting after meeting and tell you that “you have to get over it” without giving you coping strategies or mechanisms that really help. They’re blunt and rude. Especially a certain someone from the diocese who is supposed to help with getting teens back to school. This guy made me not want to ever come back.
The only things I will miss about this school are the kids, the younger teachers and the garlic bread. That’s it. So much for a good schooling life ✌️
John Purcell Way, 2541, Nowra
Neil McCann
02 4423 1666

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