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Former Student
Sep 2, 2023

Decent School - Larger amount of study resources head to PUBLIC school

Ok teachers. In terms of ATAR resources, we're given very few. Leadership, sporting and performing arts given the greatest funding. Average ATAR score by the end of Year 12 is 75-80. English program isn't the best. Math program is alright. HASS program is top notch. Science program is terrible - especially psychology in Year 11 as they do not follow the Year 11 Psychology Curriculum. Often ATAR students drop out at the start or during the year due to the little progress made in lower higher school (Year 7-9) but I've heard its improving. TOO MANY ASSEMBLIES. HOMEROOM occurs too OFTEN and generally the periods are TOO SHORT.
There are many trespassers entering the school as the gates are always open. Large OVAL.
Jul 11, 2023


St norbert is the best school in my opinion because the canteen has the BEST food, all staff members are really nice and encouraging And the subjects and electives are amazing plus many more
May 20, 2023

It’s ok, they just need to update more buildings

Some people don’t like it but that’s the same with any school, I think it’s pretty average, some nice people some mean, the construction for the new building is annoying though and the lunch tables need to be made bigger in some places. They need to add nicer outdoor spaces like more plants and flowers, other wise everything’s good
May 20, 2023

Not bad not the best

Pretty good teachers and people, a lot of opportunities, but there are some teachers that are just rude like any school, same with people, lunch orders are pretty good tho.
May 20, 2023

Don't go here unless you have a reason

Rude teachers, it feels like the public school of the private schools, there are some good things, but not enough
Feb 27, 2023

It’s a horrible Skl

They don’t help us learn and they never trust us they only praise the smart children and make you just sit there not knowing what your doing it’s a sloppy school and there always something new being built the 2 only good things about it is you get to wear your sport uniform all day and your friends that your not allowed to talk to in class
Feb 5, 2023

yr 7-9

felt like getting tortured in jail

students get hardly any support weather it’s to do with school work or mental health. they absolutely praise the smart students who are always the same people every time and if your just average they make u sit there and watch, really messes with your self esteem, feeling like ur not enough it’s just shit
135 Treasure Road, 6107, Queens Park
Simon Harvey
08 9350 5433

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