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Former Student
Jul 1, 2023


As another reviewer said the girls are VERY cliquey. If you don’t fit in your made fun of from the get go. There’s a few nice teachers that seem to truly care whereas others clearly are well and truly over it and don’t support students well. Difficult getting between classes from one point of the school to the other with only 3 minutes between each class. Pantry is very expensive and lines take a long time during break. I would not send a child here if they have any emotional or mental health issues. There is little to no support when it comes to that. A friend had issues with her mental health and the school suggested she drop out, not leave and go to another school but drop out of high school altogether. Appalling.
Jun 21, 2023

A Selective Enjoyment School.

St Rita’s is a school with selective enjoyment. The clubs and opportunities for interests are limited and cater primarily to those in sports areas. The outdoor facilities are poorly positioned for access between classes and or unavailable to most year levels. The pantry is expensive, not stocked well enough and takes a substantial portion of breaks to even get anything. The indoor environments are frustrating to navigate as stairwells are either too small or big. Labelling of classrooms is poor for new students, or during room changes as there are few maps or visual aids throughout the school.
The biggest dilemma however is the lack of information. From clubs to school events it is near impossible to find the information required to sign up or participate. Most of the time you will hear about it from hearsay or just have to guess.
Additionally what teacher you have can really make or break your school experience; and it is difficult to change classes or apply for support. There are a lot of mandatory days and events as well that again you find out about through word of mouth rather than notices.
The good parts are few and far between from an objective standpoint, but the guidance and sick bay teams are some of the most diligent and understanding you will meet.
Former Student
Mar 27, 2023

Real bad school

School rampant with bullies and admin unwilling to do anything against online or in person harassment just send ur kid to a state school
41 Enderley Road, 4011, Clayfield
Dale Morrow
07 3862 1615

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