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Jul 27, 2023

The Slums of Melton

Ain’t no pretty words can describe this school, whatever you do don’t attend this school, don’t even drive past it’s so poor and! Ghetto best believe I’d burn it down myself the bullying here is outrageous as well
Jul 24, 2023

dont go to staughton

do not send your kids her for the love of god. majority of the teachers cant teach and don’t care for their students (eg: only 6 people are allowed to go into the toilets at once and we have to hold a piece of paper the entire time.
Former Student
Jun 20, 2023


Very bad

WASNT a good school. Teachers don’t do anything to help students when in trouble
Jun 9, 2023


they don’t even teach anything. none of the students are willing to learn, either. their NAPLAN scores are absolutely abominable, probably because all of the students are too busy on their phones or fighting people to do any work.
May 31, 2023

The odd things

It is really messy in the school grounds and the school only has three cleaners in a big school. I hate the fact that teachers say the word to students. The amount of fights and arguments in the school grounds are a high level for a school. And the boys toilet all lunches are like 30 men in one bathroom with vapes some kids can’t even go to the toilet because of it
May 3, 2023

Absolutely disgusting school

I cannot verbally tell you how bad this school is apart from how terrible the staff are they kept making jokes behind my daughters back just because she's autistic and has a bit of weight this isn't really shit I wanna hear from child to parent I'm so disappointed after finding that out. Unfortunately I wish I could end it here but I have so many reasons to not send your children here 1. My son got called the n word by another student but they suspended my son after he came crying to me with marks all over his body and him bleeding head to shoulders in different areas, but nothing happened to the other student I fact the school actually stood by that child's side to support him. 2. My sweet little daughter has probably gone to canteen probably 7 times each time she got food from there she got food poisoning I don't know what there making back there but they need to clean better. 3. The alack of attention that the teachers give to students now I understand that it's hard to help all of them but atleast slow down or even explain it a little bit further instead of trying to make your day go by faster help the poor kids please I pray for them they shouldn't need go through so much pain this message is coming from a mum that loves her kids so much
Mar 22, 2023

L school

Academically this school has a decent teaching curriculum but if we were speaking on the school disciplinary wise this school is abominably indiscriminately disgusting. When you enter the classroom you are invited with threatening auras that make you feel unsafe. The school has constant fights based on useless nonsense stories that are most likely not true, the fights are very discriminatory and are built on ideas of racism and homophobia.
Mar 14, 2023

I hate staughton

I hate it, they care more about the uniform then your learning and the teachers over react about everything.
26 - 46 Wilson Road, 3338, Melton South
David Lord
03 9743 4622

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