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Jun 9, 2023

Very acceptable

I'm seeing a few year 7's in here, and they are definitely missing the point. I'm not saying this school is perfect by any means, however it does what it needs to to produce successful people. If you can get along with these teachers, it becomes much more enjoyable and easier to have the right support for your schooling.
There are many facilities inclusive of everyone and their policies go along with them very well. It's an organised school with lots of opportunities for students to look towards the future.
May 21, 2023


Horrible horrible teachers I got sent out class because I called a girl she, under same girl she's Hit Me Kicked me Me punched me and she is not got sent out once what wrong with school they overreact about small issues but they don't care about the big issues they get upset if you call someone by the wrong pronoun , school could be fine but the teachers are mean nasty controlling and overreacting all the time I walked into class like normal and the teacher starts screaming at me to go throw out my food I didn't come into class with food get didn't even apologise for screaming and accusing me of something but didn't even happen got suspension warnings because I told a girl to stop barking at me.
The teacher's don't let you go to the bathroom unless you finished all your work and by the time you finish your work about 15 minutes left of class and they tell you to wait till lunch, the teacher don't put one bit of trust in student at all it's honestly annoying , the schools fine the teachers just ruin it, cateen is overpriced
May 21, 2023


Absolutely horrible being at that school is horrible ,most of the teacher are mean,harsh,nasty to students ,teacher overreact over every little issue but when it comes to big issues they don't care at all,teacher are awful (most) they think yell at you for no reason ,canteen is rlly overpriced as well/bad school /horrible mean nasty controlling teachers
May 16, 2023

Sunbury downs

The teachers expect so much of you and the obviously have favourites I am in year 7 and they gave me a packet of homework on the first day

But the people in the office are nice and very helpful and supportive
148 - 174 Mitchells Lane, 3429, Sunbury
Warwick Beynon
03 9744 0500

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