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Former Student
Jun 18, 2023

High school

School has good sides but academically a disaster

Sunshine college is a government school so not much is expected. The school invests more in mental health then education and academics(This is because not much students actually focus on school properly but this isnt the schools fault). Year 7-10 is horrible, the teaching style of maths is a disaster, the way they teach without a textbook or any proper guidance is just a mess. As a former student of Sunshine College, i rarely listened in Maths class as there was no point, Maths teachers werent even teaching as what i saw(So you may see many students fail maths) and Science too. Generally the principal thinks he is doing great but in reality the school is utter chaos. The school says your kids will be safe, there is no "being safe" within school grounds, other students bully you, harrass you....the is no safe, the amount of carelessness from the students amazes you. The school is overall has potential to be great, only if the principal makes actual benejfical changes which he chooses not to, and also the students behaviour included to try and make it anbetter environment.
May 6, 2023

Teachers behaviour.

A kid got injured in PE and her teacher for that period said and I quote” what is wrong with you” under his breath. Other students from her class recall the teach complaining and talking down about the student saying how she was “lazy” and such and such. I expect more from a school with a reputation this high. I and others believe that, that behaviour is messed up. A middle age man talking to a student liking that seeing she was on the verge of tears as classmates were making fun of her and picking on her because she wasn’t the absolute best at the sport. This is disgusting behaviour for a teacher, not another student not another parent, but a teacher to talk about a student that way in front of her thinking she wouldn’t hear it.
Mar 9, 2023

I got suspended for watching a fight

I got suspended for watching a fight happen a couple of days ago. I wasn’t even involved at all though. I didn’t encourage the fight or anything I was just standing there with my friends and I was in shock. Also another day at my school, my class was encouraging a kid when they finally brought their book to class. But then a teacher came into our class and told us we were bullying him. Like what? Nobody that goes to this school actually thinks that it is a good school to be honest.
Feb 5, 2023

Sunshine college's ways of teaching students

Sunshine college needs to change its ways of teaching maths! The way they teach math is simple, they have 4 differnt worksheets based on levels. Level 1 is eaisest and level 4 is hardest. Doing this would help the student pick out the right level right? Wrong. It doesnt give the student a challenge, therefore, growth is lower then expected(Plus sometimes students are lazy and dont choose the right level for them). The whole class doing different leveled worksheets also stresses out staff members, they have to keep wveryone who are doing sifferent levels on check. The way teachers introduce new maths topic is terrible, they inteoduce the topic, give us a warmup and throw worksheets at us like we are automatically suppose to know. Teachers dont provide revisions to tests, we dont even have proper tests(We do general maths ondemand test) NOR proper teaching of a subject. My time with sunshine college is difficult, I had to study on my own to learn maths, Im currently going very well without any teachers helping me(And i used a textbook which somehow taught me more than sunshine college's maths "new and brilliant" program) If you have been on a tour around sunshine college and they talk about how they teach maths based on stars, sure it sounds good at first, but till your kids goes and learns absolute nothing, you'll realise how bad the structure and system is. Sunshine college does not enforce education properly, they care more about uniforms then education. I see them sending students home for wearing the wrong shoes instead of looking ways of improving teaching, training staff, etc.(Why should they enforce the appearence of students instead of building the stones of knowledge? Better learning = Better student. Not the appearence = bettet student) The school's lack of improvement is a complete joke, everywhere I go, it makes me feel embarrassed having to tell my peers that I go to sunshine college as Sunshine college has the MAJOR reputation of horrific education and terrible coordinators who, most of them, dont care about student wellbeing and learning, i get teased for going there. Some teachers are amazing at their work, i appreciate those teachers who make learning fun. Some teachers are vice versa(Im too lazy to get into detail).
My suggestion of improvement is: Base students on their levels, for e.g the kids who have the high grades stay together and low ones together. This will help ease stress for teachers and students will get to work with other students who are at similar pace and knowledge.

Overall, Sunshine college, has a great facility, well equipped, most teachers are supportive, i feel safe in the school, however, doesnt use the avaliable resources properly, fails to even use the resources properly, lack of improvements, coordinators care about uniforms more then education, and their "unique way of teaching" with star levels is a complete and utter joke.

(Im a student between year 7-10, and this review does not apply for VCE)
Feb 5, 2023

Sunshine college

Great school, "some" supportive teachers who emphasis and understands students from their point of view and try to correct it, whilst other teachers tell the kids to "Shut up!" and oppress us. The school is very supplied, and if i ever need anything they'd be able to help. Some teachers expect us to come in with a learning attitude, and yet the teachers dont make learning fun, which i understand is difficult, but they shouldnt be forcing the motivation on us(This is only applied to some staff members). However, overall the school is alright. The facilities are amazing, organised and sometimes clean. The school is well equipped. The only improvement i would like to see are teachers being ready to teach and at least providing interesting ways to teach us instead of yelling at us to feel the motivation to learn(I get some students misbehave which is obnoxious. I have also experienced a friend having a conversation to a coordinator to look motivated, the student came back pretending to be motivated whenever the coordinator is around ). The subject mathematics, the way the teachers were told to teach is the worst idea, they have maths worksheet based on star levels(1 being easiest and 4 being hardest) and they entrust the student to choose the right level, from my view it seems as if no one likes a challenge, so they all choose level 1. There are better resolutions to this, its either grade all the students and place students who get similar results in one class, so we have the high students together and average students together, etc. This would be a better learning appraoch as teachers get to focus on likeminded students and the students will get to work together easily as they're in a class who have similar skills and similar learning problems to resolve. Like most schools, this school worries about your uniform so much to the point that they dont even care about your education and worry about the shoes you got(They send you home if you have any uniforms that arent to standard), which is funny because Sunshine college is" creating futures", and all i see are them sending people home. I'd like to see more improvement in quality and strict learning then seeing a more strict appraoch to uniforms(Better education = Better students. And it's not, better appearance = better student) Overall, school itself looks amazing, but the methods of teaching mathematics and other subjects require immediate improvement. As a current student, I'd like for sunshine college to take my suggested improvements in account and not take my review as criticism.
25a Lachlan Road, 3020, Sunshine West
Tim Blunt
03 8311 8500

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