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Jul 6, 2023

Pretty ok đź‘Ť

Honestly this school is so great, you learn so much about people from different backgrounds socially, financially, ect. Which is a really important life skill. Everyone has their struggles but the school handles that pretty well. If you find the right group of friends school here is pretty amazing, its a pity the government pours more money into private schools then ones like this though.
Apr 24, 2023

Sad School

Extremely underfunded school. Facilities are old, funding isn’t enough so students are stuck using 10 year old books, and buildings are broken and old. The pavement is full of gum, and once a year one of your clothing will be full of gum. Rarely any excursions for kids in general classes, because school is poorly funded. How can kids learn when the government puts no effort on them, instead on already advantaged schools North of the river?

Also, it’s not a very safe school, admit it, every student has at least being bullied, screamed at, physically abused by someone. It’s common to be spat on, or splashed water on when people are playing dangerous games at recess and lunch. Teachers don’t do much about it.

Also, teachers are definitely not treated well. Most of the good teachers will leave or have left the school for a better one. To be honest you can’t blame them. For the same pay why get bullied by students and commute half an hour to a dump? As a result, the school doesn’t get very good teachers in substitution for the good ones. Some replacement teachers are incompetent, bullies, and generally bad example for the kids. Once teacher once bullied a student for his nose, the whole class didn’t laugh, while she did.

Also, the cleanliness of the school is very worrying.. especially the bathrooms. The toilet rolls and soap are always empty, and toilets are completely trashed with graffiti or junk. Kids need to learn that a toilet is a place to poo, not a place to have a 3 course meal Jesus Christ. And chairs aren’t the best to sit on.. they’re smelly and have stains over them.

Other than that, the canteen is in need of changes. The pies and Toasted Turkish is good. But the rest is all unhealthy quick carbs which are not good for children developing their bodies. You can’t function off their meals with no veggies at all. The most veggies they have is 3 slices of tomatoes. You’d get sick of this very soon. The saddest part is that the school doesn’t even operate the canteen, so the much needed school fund is lost. The canteen money would’ve helped the school a lot, but a third party is selling food to the kids.

In conclusion, GIVE US MORE FUNDS if you’re seeing this. We are BROKE. We need to replace the 50 year old broken equipments and give the kids more excursions. Also raise wages for good teachers!
Mar 10, 2023

Shit school

The school is so shit teachers are shit students are shit everything is shit the school honestly shouldn't be a school the school is really bad at keeping kids safe I mean sending someone home for 2 days come on they'll come back and do it again be realistic and the staff are really bad at handling situations 'just walk away' and let them beat me up righto I can't defend myself without getting myself suspended how's that fair I hate the school.
Feb 11, 2023

One of the Best Schools South of the River

Thornlie Senior High School is a great school. It has a strong STEM and Performing Arts Program. Teachers will help students at all costs to help them achieve their goals past high school.

If you are looking for a school with a strong dance or music program south of the river, Thornlie Senior High School is definitely a top pick.
2 Ovens Road, 6108, Thornlie
Donna McDonald
08 9376 2100

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