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Feb 15, 2024

Teacher nearly shot me.

Irish teachers keep distracting me with their GYAT and the school smells horrible because of all the vape addicts and there has been 537281902938765436728910.2 fights in the last month. there is gum stuck EVERYWHERE and its like a tip with all the rubbish lying around. and a teacher nearly shot me a deathly look
Feb 15, 2024

Great Kids

The kids were offering me vapes. How nice of them.
Feb 15, 2024


free vapes and teacher got hot gyat
Feb 15, 2024


free vapes are nice and smelly hot girls
Jul 27, 2023


The school pretends that they care about diversity and stuff they don’t a lot slur just get through around. Also if you have issues they won’t care. Foods good though and there’s quite a few good teachers
Former Student
Feb 28, 2023

To strive here you have to be a white, straight man

I've been to 15 schools and this was in the top 3 worst schools I've been to. Terrible people, biased, misinformed, condescending, poorly educated and discriminatory teachers on campus. One teacher stuck their nose in a friendship and kept saying we'd be good together and ruined our friendship as well as saying he was better than me and that I should be more like him. I had reported my ex friend several times about black mailing, being aggressive, making the school environment and unsafe for me.

And another teacher prioritized her class over my indigenous heritage and tried to stop me from going whilst being condescending about how less important painting is then english and picked on me constantly despite me doing really well in their class whilst actual problematic kids got away Scot free.

Also disregards serious mental health issues in favor of a less work load. I asked for harder work as well because I'm well above my year level and they told me I needed to stick with the people in my year level because I need to make friends. Everyone bullied me and I connected more with the older kids... The staff left me to struggle and gave me work that did not engage me.
Feb 4, 2023

Toilet Keys.

Traralgon College. The Fucked School of the 21st Century.

TC is like that piece of mold you find on your roll just before you eat it. Only the roll is the school and the piece of mold is the people.
Feb 4, 2023

Work in Progress School

Currently Bad. When the new buildings are there I can only hope its better.
154-184 Grey Street, 3844, Traralgon
John Freyne
03 5176 2240

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