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Jun 6, 2023


this school has made my mental health astronomically worse. the teachers are so horrible to their students. there are only 4 really good teachers. the principal, Miss Bright, is disgusting. the way she treats student and staff is just utterly horrible, she degrades her students, she makes us feel like we will never be good enough. miss mckenna-green is also a horrible one. she never ever gets students help when they need it most. she treats the students like absolute animals.
Apr 25, 2023

I feel unsafe

It’s hard to go to school every day knowing I feel overwhelmed and unsafe when I walk through the gates. I shouldn’t have to go to school knowing I could be harmed at anytime for no reason.
Former Student
Mar 23, 2023

Industry links

Absolute ass

Absolutely horrid. My friends always got bullied with no consequences towards the other party. The amount of fights is insane. The toilets are filthy and usually locked up even during break occasionally. Didn't have an actual teacher for multiple classes due to being understaffed which would cause constant reliefs to fill in (who don't know the subject) Industry links changed my course to one I didn't want to attend originally.
Mar 18, 2023

Industry links

Only good thing is industry links

Been there for a couple of years... Industry links program is actually not half bad I just wish I had teachers that taught us well. I've had way too many teachers that dum basic things down to grade one essentially. They treat us like toddlers, all the toilets are locked up and don't get me started on the amount of fights I've gotten into and no consequences.
Former Student
Mar 1, 2023

shit school.

absolutely shit. constant bullying with no consequences. school does nothing when a child is crying for help. if you want your kid still happy and alive do not send them here.
Feb 13, 2023



used to be a really downhill school, had fights every in every break, sometimes multiple at the same time. nowadays, the school has been given a glass slipper and is now at it’s peak. i must admit, there are very strange creatures lurking at that school , walking and running around with free reign, but other than that, it’s a good school and the teachers are all very lovely. i have personally only come across a few old cows, but the rest are great. the principal and associates are great, firm but sweet.
Feb 2, 2023

idek bruv

good school with bad rep
2 Swallowtail Parade, 6169, Warnbro
Cindy Kerr
08 9553 0100

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