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Nov 28, 2023

Rude Staff

A lot of teachers are just fully sexist, all of them just pay attention to the females of every class and are very rude toward males students compared to female. Most of the office ladies/ teachers are very rude and some are just there to get the pay, and just decide to not to do any work at all. Some of them just say one thing and another that contradicts their previous statement just 5 minutes later. But the lunch ladies are just the best, they are the only nice staff ( minus a few teachers that are just outstanding)
Mar 8, 2023


Pretty good school however uniform seems to be the number 1 priority. Some students get detentions for wearing the wrong coloured socks which is absolutely ridiculous. Office ladies/ coordinators can be so rude for whatever reason, even though their job is to coordinate and help those around. Some teachers have much more worst attitudes than students which causes tension between students and teachers. However, the school does have a well-being station which is really helpful. Those involved in coordinating well-being do a good job at it. They’re so nice and thoughtful of others. Some students are plain out rude and do nothing but cause problems, yet the school does nothing about it. They discipline students for uniform, attitude and etc yet they keep giving second chances to those that literally danger other students/peers.
Mar 5, 2023

Okay-ish school

Cares a lot about uniform (a little too much), some of the teachers (majority) are very rude and mean with no reason even if the class is not bad, office ladies are rude
Mar 1, 2023

My view on Werribee Secondary College as a student

Werribee Secondary College.
As a current student of Werribee Secondary College (WSC), I can say with confidence that while the school provide adequate learning environments with good intent, the staff is subpar. Many teachers are incompetent and should not be in any sort of teaching environment. There is an adequate ammount of opportunity provided to the students, with many different courses to chose from in many different fields. The safety of the school however is also lacking. The toilet facilities especially. I and many other students do not feel safe when using these facilities, as there are almost always large, intimidating groups of students loitering near or inside of them. The school has attempted to rectify this, but to no avail. There are also many other large groups within the campus, some of which are gang related. While the schools reputation in recent years has significantly increased in a positive light, as a student attending this school I would say it still has many drawbacks, safety being the largest of them all in my opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope this was informative.
45 Duncans Road, 3030, Werribee
Amanda Mullins
03 9741 1822

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