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May 16, 2024

An Honest Review:

Okay, now this school has a few good features that may attract you kids:

-Has a high median ATAR score.

-Has somewhat fancy architecture.

-Claims to "excel early".

But there are also many not-so-good things:

-Vaping. (The school does not care about vaping. They just put some cheap, outdated posters in front of student services. Don't believe me? Check the bathrooms.)

- No care in the world for mental health. (They tell us to use box breathing and take a walk. They then give us humongous workloads and tell us to take a break if stressed. I am doing six ATARs, I don't think I will have time for a break.)

-Teachers NOT teaching. (Not all teachers, but the teachers here either care about you or they don't and just 'yap' about PowerPoints they got from the internet and then accuse us of not getting good marks 'because you don't try hard enough'.)

-Student services are unorganised. (I walked it to student services multiple times to get marked off for an appointment. And I would stand there for ten minutes just for Stacey to finish talking about her dog. They also gossip about other students, making fun of them, or just talking plain nonsense. If you ever want to go to student services for the school's gossip, go to student services you would never be disappointed.)

-Does not deal with student's and teacher's problems. (The number of problems both students and teachers deal with is astonishing. I have seen middle-aged teachers complain about the schooling system that they work with. This is a red flag.)

-Basketballers get let off trouble with no consequences. (Part of the basketball program, and want to vape? Don't worry. You will NEVER get in trouble. Your program status ensures that you will not face a consequence. Didn't do your homework? It's okay, brilliant even for you were training to be the next Michael Jordan.)

-The basketball program is overrated. (I am not kidding. Go to the changing rooms from the gym. You will see a thousand empty photo frames of 'Willetton Senior High School Basketball stars.')

-Lack of shelter. (Raining. I'm sorry we have only a few sheltered spots for our two thousand students. So, squish in, while we (the teachers) go in our dry, lovely, heated staff rooms.)

-Tea parties. (Every Friday breaks the teachers have a huge tea party. Yet, some students frequently go to school without breakfast let alone lunch. They have cakes and sandwiches and tea and biscuits and cupcakes.)

-The canteen is overpriced. ($5 for a bread roll with cheese and what appears to be meat. The food is bland with no flavour. The curry, which is $5.50 and served in a small, circular plastic container tastes like sand, with no flavour, no spice and no taste.)

-The library. (It may look big, but, once you eliminate all the seating space it is actually quite small. With only three rows of fiction books, and eight smaller shelves of non-fiction books about some important dead people. If they have a series in the library, chances are they missing book one and book four. You would be lucky if they had the prequel of your chosen series.)

-They fish for money. (They always make new school uniforms to make you pay for more. And each piece of uniform is always more expensive than the last. So, never buy a large quantity of uniforms, chances are it will change in a year of two).

-Some teachers act like students. (I have had teachers who act like year sevens. They make fun of and gossip about students, even in front of them. Although this is a minority, it still leaves a damaging mark especially because those words are from adults. Trust me, I speak from experience.)

I hope this helps you, as you considering sending your child to this school.
Jun 3, 2023

This school is hell on earth

Every time I use the restrooms it’s either dirty, broken, or filled with a bunch of perverted boys peeking over the stall to watch me get changed. My teachers are also terrible, most of the time we don’t learn anything, or they’re just horrible people who only know how to humiliate everyone. And the students are much worse, every day I get called slurs and racist names. I forgot to mention they also made me go to a school psychologist who only made me feel worse about myself.
Apr 28, 2023

Big long rant about WSHS

This school is ok, it's definitely NOT deserving of being in the top 10 high schools, and the only reason it is up there is because there is lots of families that push their kids too much living in the area.

The school is badly planned out, there are few places to hide from rain and in winter most students squeeze into tiny undercover areas, making them crowded and loud. We aren't allowed to sit in hallways or classrooms because that might be a fire hazard, which makes sense but the hallway with lockers are usually filled with students putting their stuff away, and noone seems to worry abt the fire hazard there.

In my 6 years at this school I've had about 5 good teachers, 15 horrible teachers who should be fired, and the rest of them being ok for a good behaving class of smart kids who already do all the work themselves. The worst teacher I've ever had would be a physics/science/engineering teacher, who I had for 3 years. He would constantly leave the classroom for 45 mintes without explanation, bully young kids, never teach and just give meaningless PowerPoints that were never his. He would go up to the girls in his classes and have unnecessarily long conversations. For me he's gone up and touched my shoulder multiple times for no reason whatsoever, and not in a friendly normal shoulder pat way, he's told me multiple times he didn't like my hair cut, he would stare at me in-class to the point where my friends would tell me that he is doing so. In my engineering class he would constantly doubt my abilities to do basic physics and would single me out to talk abt my perfectly fine grades, or some other unnecessary reason. And this is coming from someone who have an actual pervert as an English teacher in year 7 and 9, who got sacked for acting inappropriate arounds the children.

The facilities in this school are ok for learning, Eg. we have a room dedicated for Engineering studies, and a lovely technology and science block. HOWEVER the bathrooms are atrocious. We have stalls without locks, the bathrooms are poorly cleaned and most of the time missing toilet paper, soap and hand towels. The sanitary bins are often not taken out enough and there is usually a smell in the bathrooms because of this. The disabled bathrooms are usually locked and when they are wopen they are poorly cleaned and misused by the students without any repercussions.

There is no help for students who are getting bullied and singled out in this school, they may say that they are there to help and that they are doing everything they possibly can but in reality they don't care. The gay kids get barked at in the hallways and called names, the disabled kids get bullied so bad but can't do anything about it.

This school is also a great place to get your kids into drugs. I've never done any but at this school I could ask my friends and they'd have a selection of vapes, weed and other drugs to sell to me, and it happens right under the teachers noses. They don't even seem to care, I've seen year 8's walking down the hallway with a vape in their hand blowing out some smoke and noone seems to even notice. I've heard way too many conversations over alcohol consumption from kids who should still be learning how to identify co-interior angles. The school does try to give presentations but it's all the same, hey kids don't do drugs they are bad for you, type of thing, which has clearly proven to be unsuccessful.

This school is also terrible when it comes to mental health. The teachers see students struggling and most won't do anything, some might give a halfhearted, "Are you ok?", And few seem to actually care. the presentations and course content around mental health is horrible too. The presentations all tell you to take a deep breath and go on a walk, which we've all heard a million times and clearly doesn't work. The course content is similar, catering to only the small amount of kids who don't already have depression or anxiety. The school does have councilors, but from what I've heard they are terrible, telling you the same things as everyone else does.

The students here aren't taught proper respect, which would also be a parenting thing but seeing as it's pretty much all the kids are being disrespectful the school is clearly not helping the problem. For example, the kids in the basketball program are some of the rudest, most disrespectful group of teenagers you will ever meet, taking back to teachers and going off at other students around them.

I feel bad for all the kids who come to this school because unless you are the 10 popular white kids, your are pretty much going to get picked on and berated for no apparent reason.
Feb 4, 2023

Not exactly what i'd define as a good school.

Willetton Senior High... I am not a person of many words, yet there are so many things I have to say about this school. And most of them are not positive.

Your education and grades heavily relies on the teacher you get, and its almost like a lottery where there are few winners.
The food at the canteen is not only overpriced, but not maintained properly. The fruit is usually moldy, and the machines are not properly cleaned.
Some classrooms make learning difficult as they have peculiar smells and air conditioning that makes you feel nauseous, as well as a ridiculous amount of gum under the tables if you accidently touch it. Albeit the gum problem originated from the students.
There are fewer outdoor spaces where you can sit and would be safe from the elements than there should be. Rainy days are especially a pain and it is nearly impossible to not get rained on.
Teachers are unable to manage students some students are not disciplined for constantly causing disruptions in class which affects the learning of all students. I , for one, do not want to spend the time that i'm meant to be learning listening to a bunch of students yelling inappropriate words and throwing items at each other while the teacher stands and does nothing.
Not to mention some teachers who let you out late, which results in your next session teacher being mad at you and demanding to know why you were late.
Anyways, that's going to be it for this review because the amount of emotional damage this school has given me has driven me to insanity.
Jan 31, 2023

Review for wshs from a year 11

It’s been ok, some teachers are not the best and some students are horrible.
regarding the lessons, it would be more useful to use modern gen z things to really teach kids.
the year coordinators also really need to keep up with what actually goes on in their year group
Pinetree Gully Road, 6155, Willetton
Trevor Hunter
08 9334 7200

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